China claims the US Destroyer Group’s ship was the Taiwan Strait

China has said the United States was “provocative” when it sent its destroyers through the Taiwan Strait on March 17.

Reuters reports:

The March 17 U.S. destroyer Ralph Johnson’s move on the Taiwan Strait was a “provocative” act by the United States and sent the wrong signal to Taiwan’s pro-independence forces, the Chinese military said Saturday.

Such a move was “very dangerous,” a Chinese military spokesman said in a statement.

China says Taiwan is the most sensitive and important issue in its relations with the United States. Washington has no formal diplomatic relations with Taipei, but is Taiwan’s most important international supporter and arms supplier.

Chinese President Xi Jinping told his US counterpart Joe Biden on Friday that the Taiwan issue needs to be handled properly to avoid a negative impact on Sino-US relations.

Reuters reports:

“Some people in the United States are sending the wrong signal to Taiwan’s pro-independence forces, and this is very dangerous,” she told Biden in a video call.

“If the Taiwan issue is not handled properly, it will have a devastating effect on relations between the two countries.”

In the last few years, Hong Kong has been completely occupied by China. Kovid was used as a vehicle to infringe on human rights and was punished for being once rated one of the most independent countries in the world. As Hong Kong is occupied by the Chinese, the next country is concentrating on Taiwan.

The people of Taiwan speak the same language as China, and this has helped enrich this tiny country for decades as the world has moved to China because of its cheap labor. As a result, there is a strong relationship between the two countries. However, Taiwan still has a lot of animosity towards China. The people of the small island state enjoy their independence and autonomy.

Many believe that China could soon invade Taiwan in the same way that Russia did with Ukraine. Tensions are running high in these countries. China believes Taiwan is part of their country. The people of Taiwan want different kinds of begging.

So it is disturbing to hear Shi say that “some people in the United States are sending the wrong signal to the pro-independence forces in Taiwan and it is very dangerous.”

China’s comments are very worrying. They know it’s time to occupy Taiwan, as they did with Hong Kong. But Taiwan will not go in peace.

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