Chance of rain, high winds on Wednesday – Indy News

Statewide-After cold Mondays and Tuesdays across Indiana, you can expect warm temperatures and a return of rain that can be very heavy on Wednesdays.

“There is a storm from Missouri to Indiana. A strong cold front will cross Indiana from west to east on Wednesday night. Ahead is the threat of rain, “said Alex McGuinness, a meteorologist with the Indianapolis National Weather Service.

McGuinness believes it will be a short window time “late Wednesday and early Wednesday evening”.

“It will be raining for the whole state. Of course, the farther south you go, the heavier the rain will be. There will be a thunderstorm threat when you enter far southwest Indiana, ”McGuinness said.

Temperatures will reach 70s on Wednesday.

“If you like warm weather, enjoy Wednesdays. This is the only day where the temperature is higher than normal. The wind will also be strong. The gusts will be up to 40 miles per hour, “said McGuinness.

Heights will drop to 50s and even 40s in some places starting Thursday.

Listen: Full interview with Alex McGuinness

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