CDC draws a quick – 25% overnight elimination of pediatric covid death,

Children are forced to maintain social distance and wear masks at school

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently changed its data to represent the number of U.S. children dying from the Wuhan coronavirus.

Dr. Nicole Sapphire, MD Report this suspicious update on Thursday.

** Correction with updated number. The CDC may have removed nearly 60,000 deaths. It is difficult to say that the previous data has been deleted

– Nicole Sapphire, MD (@NBSaphierMD) March 17, 2022

By manipulating their numbers they were able to make offensive interventions on children of all ages, such as masking, experimental vaccines, and social exclusion. This abuse is still being perpetrated on American children in many states.

And they wonder why they are losing the trust of the American people.

James Cintolo reported this stunning development on his substack account on Thursday night.

Finally, the CDC corrected the covid pediatric death due to coding errors. Basically, they omitted about 25% of previously reported deaths from their database due to errors. You should understand the effects of such an action. Specifically, this means that over the years COVID public health policy for children has been based on erroneous evidence and conjecture. That is, without adequate evidence, children were exposed to unwarranted social distances, school closures, and compulsory vaccinations.

Some wonder why there is no confidence in public health. Obviously, this is often due to such errors.

However, the data is summarized for you and attached below with all the sources (which you should read, do not accept these summaries at face value only – read supporting literature). Keep scrolling for more

Breaking: About 25% of all pediatric COVID-19 deaths reported by the CDC are due to a coding error. The stats have been fixed

Evidence bad information was driving public health policy for children this whole time

Post CDC pulls a quick – overnight 25% elimination of pediatric covid death, first appearing in The Gateway Pundit, blaming it for a coding error.

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