California bill seeks to make state ‘sanctuary for transgender children’ – Indy

California is considering legislation that would make the state a legal haven for transgender youth and their families in the threat of gender-confirmed surgery in another state.

Sen. of the State. The bill, introduced by Scott Weiner, would legally protect parents who would support their children’s access to transgender health care for their children and remove out-of-state court rulings from their parental custody. Mountains Report.

Weiner said the bill seeks to guarantee that “California is a haven for transgender children and their parents because of the wave of criminalization in Texas and other states.”

“We know that other red states will consider these bills, of course,” Winer said of the state’s consideration or approval bill against transgender children and / or parents. “They all copy each other and it spreads like wildfire across the country.”

Under the law, the court will not be able to submit information about anyone who travels to California for gender-specific care. It will additionally flag down warrants relating to anyone outside the state receiving treatment as a low priority for law enforcement.

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