“But for my relationship with the Trump campaign, I have no choice

Paul Manafort was with Frank Morano at the WABC in the New York / New Jersey area just past midnight last week. Manafort summarizes his experience with the Mারller gang.

Paul Manafort spoke with The Mুলller Gang on WABC last week with The Other Side of Midnight and Frank Morano about the experience and the atrocities committed by this rouge group of prosecutors and corrupt judges.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

A 8:50 … He discusses his criminal case and why he thinks he got a crude deal. He indicated that Weissman (Mueller’s prosecutor) had voluntarily used the information provided to the DOJ against him.

A 10:28 … Problems with the jury and judges in his case. Also the decision to cooperate after his first conviction.

Manafort says here:

The tax issues they brought to me, I disclosed to the government while I was assisting them in the investigation of corruption in Ukraine. Inadvertently I sat down with them and gave them all the information that Weisman then two years later, dusted off and turned into criminal charges instead of the collaborative information I gave them. So Weissman, but there is no way to target me for my relationship with the Trump campaign. I could not stay in jail for two years.

A 14:52 … He says he could not have slammed Trump if he had wanted to.

A 15:44 … He compares গো 10M bail to other notorious criminals like John Gotti.

A 17:20 … With the exception of Alan Darshowitz, no civil libertarian has spoken out against the prosecution in his case.

A 19:20 … life in solitary confinement.

A 26:00 … his theory about being in the same prison as Jeffrey Epstein and whether Epstein committed suicide

A 27:10 … His response to the news of forgiveness.

A 30:51 … Thought January 8th.

A 34:21 … how he did not work for pro-Russian candidates in Ukraine

A 39:51 … He has categorically denied changing the GOP platform in 2016 to soften on Ukraine. To my knowledge, this is the first time he has said that.

A 42:01 … how Trump handled Ukraine

A 43:08 … He supports a no-fly zone and helps Poland move jets to Ukraine. I find it absolutely disgusting because of Manafort’s pro-Russian character.

A 46:30 … Trump is running again.

A 51:25 পরামর্শ Suggestions for Trump 2024

A 52:50 … if Trump spends more time talking about voter fraud

The DJ wanted Manafort to lie and the judge wanted to lock him up for life. He knew he was not going to get a fair trial in DC and so he decided to work with the DOJ’s team. But they are after blood.

This is an excellent interview:

The post “But for my relationship with the Trump campaign, there is no way to target me” – Paul Manafort first appeared in The Gateway Pundit about his experience with the Mারller gang.

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