Brutal! The GOP’s ‘Confederation Crew’ tried to ‘kill’ Ketanji Jackson

In the minds of liberal journalists, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was such a perfect candidate for the Supreme Court that any question about the history of his case by Republican senators had to be driven by racism.

Reporters, hosts, pundits and newspaper editors were so outraged that they actually claimed that Republican treatment of Jackson was worse than that of Justice Brett Kavanagh (whose opponents were falsely accused of rape) and that the GOP’s “Confederation Crew” Was asking questions that would be nominated by President Biden’s Supreme Court “Killed.”

Late night talk show hosts also joined ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel in the opinion that the hearing was conducted by the GOP. “Subtle racism jamboree.”

Below is a round-up of the worst takeaways from liberal journalists and late night talk show hosts during Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearing:

GOP Senator Judge Ketanji Brown is trying to “kill” Jackson

“What [Republican Senator] Josh Hawley is trying to get him when he tries to do it [Ketanji Brown Jackson] Killed. He is trying to use violence against a Supreme Court nominee. And we know that because when these people stop making ridiculous claims about child pornography, we know that some of them seem to be doing things violently, like what happened at the New Hampshire Pizza Parlor. “
Race MSNBC’s Justice Correspondent Eli Mistal Cross connectionMarch 19.

“The thing is, Josh Howley is not far behind. What he is doing is dangerous, it is a murder of a woman’s character that is going to be confirmed. “
– Stephanie Ruhel, host of MSNBC 11th hourMarch 21

Host Wolf Blazer: “What is your reaction to this exchange? Republican Senator Josh Howley is trying to portray Judge Jackson as sympathetic to child pornography.”
Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Tubin: “It simply came to our notice then. You have a judge here who has been on the bench for almost ten years. And we had a full half hour of Senator Howley’s question about a single case where he was able to recite horrific details and repeatedly say pedophilia. It’s about appealing to QAnon listeners, a religion that is now a big presence in Republican politics. ”
– CNN’s Situation roomMarch 22.

The GOP’s “Confederacy crew” is stuck in the “19th century”

“She was treated like Anita Hill. He was treated like Christine Blessy Ford. Since she is a woman, she could not act like him [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanagh. And I think what the lawyers say for women, for black women, the standard for us is that we should always behave as adults. The norm for white men is that they can behave like a child and still go to us as much as possible or more. They sent a very clear message. [Republican Senator] Lindsay Graham, all the little manplanners, all the little Confederacy crew that really sounded like 19th century. “
– MSNBC host Joy Reid ReadoutMarch 23.

Jackson is not cruel enough for Republicans

Democrats have long praised President Joe Biden’s Harvard-educated lawyer and appellate court judge’s choice, and the judiciary has begun to look more like America. But Republicans argue that Jackson brings too much sympathy to the job. “
– March 25 Tweet from the official Twitter account of the Associated Press.

Questioning the history of Jackson’s case is worse than a false accusation of rape

“Republicans are proud that they did not pull Kavanagh. In fact, they treated Jackson worse. “
– The title Of the Washington Post Chief Editor, 23 March.

The GOP’s “seeing attacks” felt “so personal.”

Host Gayle King: “I saw a lot of hearings yesterday. It was very painful to watch. A lot yesterday afternoon. What can you tell us about last day plans?
Correspondent Nicole Killian: “Well, today’s plan is that Judge Jackson will not be in the hot seat because a panel of experts testified after an emotional and extensive hearing that the first attack on a black woman is likely to be confirmed in the Supreme Court.” He has recovered on the last day of interrogation … The record of his punishment in child abuse case is being relentlessly questioned. “…
King: “It was very difficult, I thought, to see yesterday, no matter how you feel about him. It seemed very personal to see him really attacked for something he had nothing to do with what he was going to do.” .
Co-host Nate Burleson: “I think the word ‘attack’ is an appropriate word here.”
CBS MorningMarch 24.

“Thagish” angry at “screaming and weird” Republicans

“I will use that word [Republican Senator] Tom Cotton was a thug. I thought [Republican Senator] Lindsay Graham was screaming and weird 6.[Republican Senator] Josh Howley, ridiculous … they claim to be the guardians of childhood integrity. They are going after child pornography and rape. And they are going to protect the integrity of childhood. [Supreme Court Justice] Brett Kavanagh was credibly accused of rape and the victims were teenage girls and college students. High school and college students! So does Josh Howley, and [Republican Senator] Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham and all the rest of you, and [Republican Senator] Mike Lee, and Tom ‘Thagish’ Cotton. You have not protected the juvenile predators of the person you have happily placed in the Supreme Court for life. You can’t say anything about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. He has made you the best intellectually and you are crazy about it. Be crazy! ”
– MSNBC host Joy Reid ReadoutMarch 22.

Irrational statement

“There was one thing, I thought, incredibly interesting, sometimes she did [Ketanji Brown Jackson] Sounds almost conservative. “
– John Crawford, chief legal correspondent for CBS Live coverage of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearing, March 22.

There is no “red flag” for the GOP to portray Jackson as a “judicial extremist.”

CBS Evening News Anchor Norah O’Donnell: “Do you see any obstacles after hearing that today?”
CBS Correspondent Jan Crawford: “I don’t see any red flags … they [Republican senators] I will try to understand his judicial philosophy, to show that in contrast to the picture we have seen, they think that he will be somehow a judicial extremist. I think it will be very difficult for them to do that. “
– CBS News live coverage of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearing, March 21.

Citing Jackson’s best friends forever, the treatment that Kavanagh received is not correct

“The confirmation hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will begin on Monday … Nancy Cordes spoke with some of her old friends. Oldest friends always tell the truth Those who are not surprised at his success… .You can always rely on your girlfriend to get you and support you and lift you up. Thank you, Nancy, it was really nice. “
– Co-host Gayle King On CBS MorningMarch 18.

Co-host Robin Roberts: “We are talking to him [Ketanji Brown Jackson] Lifelong friends are sharing with us what they want us to know about their dearest friend on the brink of history. “…
Reporter Deborah Roberts: “They took back the veil of Judge Jackson’s life. They call themselves The Ladies during their college days, a tight group of friends behind each other during their college days. They say there were parties and fun moments, but it was clear that their enthusiastic friend Ketanji, an ideal student, was going to go a long way … their friend, they say, was always the right thing to do. “
– ABC’s Good morning AmericaMarch 9.

“I was texting today with one of his closest friends and they told me that yesterday was very emotional, but they believe that their friend is like an Olympic athlete who is training for them. His whole life. “
– PBS Washington Week Moderator / NBC News Washington Correspondent Yamiche Alcinder Live coverage of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearing on NBC News, March 22.

Judge Jackson is therefore “perfect,” and any criticism is racist

Co-host Hopi Goldberg: “Based on just the people, the last three [Supreme Court Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch] They let people in. You know, this is a woman [Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson]… who can surpass every one of those people. “
Revolt TV host Ebony Williams: “In a very literal sense.”
Goldberg: “Her ability is outstanding. I mean, she’s outstanding. So, you put Amy Connie Barrett, you put the other one in, you know, and you’re questioning her?”
Williams: “But Huppy, let’s not pretend we don’t know what it is. Do you know there is always time to live? It directs the qualification of black women in this country. And that’s why the bus is never late. “
Goldberg: “It’s never too late.”
– ABC’s SceneMarch 18.

Late Night Host GOP’s “Subtle Racism Jamboree”

“Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. If something unexpected happens, the vote is expected to go to the party line. These hearings give many of our Republican senators a chance to compete in one of their favorite events, the subtle racist jamboree. [Kamala Harris] Tie-breaker … that would be GOP’s ultimate nightmare. The decision was made by two black women whose names they could not pronounce. “
– ABC host Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel Live!March 21

“He said that even being nominated shows how far we have come as a country, and so some Republican senators on the committee have worked hard to show how far we have come.”
– ABC host Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel Live!March 23.

“It simply came to our notice then. From ‘we put a man on the moon in a decade’ to ‘maybe one day we can get at least one Republican to vote for a worthy woman.’
– Host James Corden on CBS The Late Late Show with James CordenMarch 23.

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