Blake Masters against Mark Branovich in the US Senate

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brunovich is running for the U.S. Senate, challenging Democrat Mark Kelly, and most of the criticism against him comes from the out-of-state Silicon Valley billionaire-funded candidate Blake Masters, who is also running as a Republican. Brunovich has a long record as a staunch Conservative – the most active Conservative I have ever met in my life, has filed numerous lawsuits against the Biden administration and championed issues such as electoral fraud, illegal immigration and strict COVID-19 policy – yet Feeding that he claims a Rhino. Recently, Brunovich was “hanging out” with Maricopa County Recorder and election fraud denier Stephen Richer, a Republican who started a PAC consisting of GOP election fraud deniers. . Richards claims there was no fraud in the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County, where Bronovich is currently investigating the results of an independent ballot audit ordered by the Arizona Senate. Branovich’s shadowy opponents conveniently exclude information, such as after Maricopa County supervisors agreed to conduct a partially counted audit shortly after the election, claiming that they would double the number of ballots. He also instructed them to comply with the Arizona Senate subpoena. Well, the fact that Bronovich was speaking at an event a few feet away from Richard in the small audience meant that Bronovich was invited to speak to an organization called Tenio. Brunovich accepted many invitations to speak. He had no relationship with Richar; The two are not friends, they are both lawyers. And while trying to portray Tenio as a left-wing organization, its homepage says, “We believe in a limited, constitutional government. We support individual independence and free enterprise. We believe in one.

Are the Blake Masters behind the smear against Mark Brunovich in the post US Senate race? Popularist Press: First appeared in 2022.

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