‘Black Lives Matter’ accused of ‘blatant violation of IRS rules’, charity

New concerns are being raised about the activities of fundraising agencies to spread the message that the lives of blacks are important.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, a charitable organization that represents the national BLM movement, has raised questions about what it is doing with millions of dollars in grants.

Reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with what the organization has taken, what it is spending and who is overseeing the finances, the charityWatch website wrote last month: The movement in the United States has not done a good job of communicating its financial activities to the public in a timely manner or adequately resolving other questions about its governance. “

Concerns led Amazon to remove the group from its charitable platform because multiple states banned the foundation’s activities because it did not comply with the rules. As of Thursday, Washington, which had instructed the BLM to “immediately shut down” its activities, had joined the New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia groups to ban the group from raising money, according to Washington Investigators.

The outlet said on Friday that new concerns arose after Black Lives Matter sent a message to its supporters this week calling for the support of Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and including a button to donate to the charity.

But the button goes to Black Lives Matter PAC, the group’s approved political action committee.

“The BLM PAC is still preparing for the most important midterm elections. Every single nation has a chance to build black political power, “said the message-linked fundraising page. If you are ready to continue the electoral battle for the lives of blacks, join our efforts and start building for the mid-2022s. “

Using a charity to solicit political donations “appears to be a clear violation of IRS rules that charities are prohibited from requesting contributions to the Political Action Committee,” Paul Kemner, an attorney at the conservative watchdog group National Legal and Policy Center, told The Associated Press.

The agency that sent the message said it was simply a mistake.

“In recent email submissions, fireside campaigns have inadvertently included a fundraising link for a non-fundraising email. We take full responsibility for this error, “said Brad Bowman, managing partner and CEO of Fireside Campaigns.

An IRS presentation posted on its website makes it very clear that it is illegal for a charity to solicit money for a biased political group.

From CharityWatch’s point of view, the Black Lives Matter Foundation is a troubling issue because little can be said about what it claims to do.

“For example, in its 2020 Impact Report, BLMGNF states that it is committed to ’30 local bodies and about .7 21.7 million in the BLM chapter. ‘ The statement did not say whether the funds were actually disbursed in chapters, and did not define the term “committed” to communicate if and when such disbursements were or would be made, the agency said.

“An adequate analysis of BLMGNF’s independently audited financial statements and tax filings can shed some light on which chapters are supported, when they received them and to what extent, as well as other financial activities of the central agency,” said Charitywatch.

The same is true of many other ‘impact’ claims made by BLMGNF in its 2020 Impact Report – these require an independent analysis of the charitable audited financial statements and tax filings, which BLMGNF is not yet willing to provide to CharityWatch.

The Watchdog group noted that at the same time the movement’s national headquarters said the money was flowing to the community, with those accused at the end of the receipt telling a different story.

“To the best of our knowledge, most chapters have received little or no financial support from BLMGN since its launch in 2013,” a local chapter was quoted as saying. “It is only in the last few months that selected chapters appear to have been invited to apply for the $ 500,000 grant created with the resources generated by the organized labor of the chapters.

“It’s not the equity and financial accountability we deserve.”

This article was originally published in the Western Journal.

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