‘Bitter’ GOP ‘Spectacle’ with ABC, NBC Cheer Booker’s ‘Pep Talk’ to Jackson

When Thursday CBS Morning An emotional bender was off The Supreme Court is choosing Ketanji Brown Jackson, ABC, for Biden Good morning America And NBC’s Today Also in the tank for Jackson, he was reporting “Historic Hearing” His “Facing Republican Attack” featured an over “Bitter,” “emotional,” “heated,” And “Intense” Some days that ended with a “Fun” From Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ).

“Historic hearing. Judge Ketanji Brown is facing a Jackson Republican attack … the last day of questioning is coming to an end. The emotional moment that made her cry, “ GMA Co-host Robin Roberts made the announcement.

He later hinted at Senator Corey Booker’s (D-NJ) historiography that “after 19 hours of intense questioning, the testimony ended in an emotional note,” which he proudly brought to Congressman Rachel Scott Jackson. “Crying, to let the nation know that he has earned his place in history.”

After playing a clip of Booker’s Beat, Scott closed his 8:00 AM Eastern report (as he did a condensed version in the second hour) referring to Booker’s reception: “Senator, Jackson’s family members in this hearing room were apparently impressed by what Senator Corey Booker said.[.]”

“This confirmation hearing has been bitter. They have been exciting. They were emotional but Judge Jackson still seems to be on track. Scott said back to the beginning of his piece.

Scott Senator Josh Howley (R-MO) aimed to pressure Jackson on his history of punishing child sex offenders, but he did so without mentioning it. Failed in the corner on Monday Howli about this:

But Senator Josh Howley himself voted for at least three judges who were engaged in the same exercise. According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, only 30 percent of people convicted of viewing or sharing child pornography are punished within federal guidelines. Majorities received lesser sentences by judges nominated by both parties.

NBC’s unpublished but still strongly pro-Jackson reporting continues. Today Chief Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Hack features his own Booker Gosh as he cheers Booker’s bit “A Late-Afternoon Peep Talk” To a generous judge.

Earlier, co-host Hoda Cotb said Jackson was “grilled” and “on fire” by the GOP, courtesy of him “His record on the bench.”

Hack begins his story by saying, “Heated” Moments aside, “she looks good on the way to being sure.”

But for Wednesday’s questions, Haake said he was “on Wednesday in defense because Republican senators delayed his conviction in a child pornography case.”[.]”

Haake defended the Democratic cause for it to be true for them and condemned the hearing by Senator Ben Sass (R-NE) as having a “jackal” characteristic: Democrats are defending Jackson’s sentence as consistent with 70 percent of federal judges, and even one Republican has pushed viewers back.

He later added that the Democrats “are ours[ed] They had plenty of time to comment on Judge Jackson’s record and mood and history. “

And, as we’ve done Reported throughout the weekThese networks certainly did not show the same level of affection for President Trump’s selection of the three Supreme Courts.

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To see the relevant transcript from March 24, click here (for ABC) and here (for NBC).

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