Bill Bar’s book review printed by the New York Times … by Jeffrey Tubin!

Conservative best-sellers are almost never discussed New York Times Book Review. So the memory of William Barr came as a surprise One disgusting thing after another Is reviewed on Sunday. There was another surprise: Jeffrey Tubin was the reviewer.

Let’s belabor obvious. When you want a book reviewer who can search against “complete disregard for ideals” with the highest moral importance …. don’t choose Tubin. When you want a book reviewer who can persuade bias in political investigations, you should not … choose Jeffrey Tubin, whose first book Opening argument The Iran-Contra investigation, led by Special Counsel Lawrence Walsh, was a biased Democrat hit job as an insider.

In fact, the biggest comedy of this review is the one in the Tubin’s acting scandal that will summarize Bar Mারller’s report a few weeks before it was fully published. It’s weird – Tubin’s Inside-the-Walsh-Probe book was published in February 1991, when Walsh’s final report was published in August 1993.

When the judiciary came close to releasing the actual report several weeks later, it became clear that the evidence against Trump was more criminal than the bar, but by then the attorney general had managed to shape the story to the president’s great advantage.

Somehow, all the power of the liberal media has failed to “shape the story” for Trump’s inconvenience.

Nothing seems more different from what you hear on CNN than Tubin’s book review bars and Trump’s daily garden-variety spin. Tubin will not be surprised – Per John Stewart – The removal of an accused and / or President Trump – with some new, more negative explanations of Mueller’s investigation and how it completely failed to deliver what Liberals wanted.

Each of Mueller’s hostilities is itself portrayed as a scandal:

Barr cited allegations that Trump colluded with the Russians in leading the election, in various ways, “Russiagate madness”, “fake Russiagate scandal”, “the biggest political injustice in our history” and “Russiagate nonsense” (twice). He was good and wanted to weaken Mueller and protect Trump at every opportunity. As Barr revealed in his book, Trump first asked him to work on his defense team, but later thought he could do better for the presidency as attorney general. .

It’s funny when Tubin writes that “Barr portrayed Mueller, a former colleague and friend of George H. W. Bush’s in his job in the Bush administration, pushed by liberals over his staff as a frail old man.” Wasn’t that an impression when Muller testified before Congress? That he was not exactly in order? But Tubin hates it when the bar team “shapes the story” against Collision.

The biggest CNN staffer warns of the Spine Line Bar’s culture-war rhetoric and ridicule: “Overall, his views reflect the party line on Fox News, which, curiously, he did not mention in several Jeremiah media about the left’s dominance of the news.”

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