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Brussels – The U.S. ambassador to NATO is describing President Biden’s speech in Poland as “pitch-perfect.”

“This would be a good way to continue to support our allies, to support the Ukrainians and to put pressure on Russia to end this war,” said Julian Smith, CNN’s ambassador to the Union of States.

He was referring to Biden’s controversial announcement that Russian President Vladimir Putin could not stay in power. He doubled down on the White House’s position, saying it did not call for a change of government in Russia.

Smith, however, did not condemn Biden. Instead, he described it as “a principled human response to the stories he heard that day.”

A stop in Biden during his European tour was a playground in Poland used as an emergency shelter for Ukrainian refugees. There, he spent time listening to their stories and evaluating humanitarian efforts at work to help them live a life away from home.

Russia has again attacked Ukraine. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishina says the port city of Mariupol, which was devastated by weeks of Russian shelling, “no longer exists.”

“More than 85 percent of the entire city has been destroyed,” he said. “Some people living there have been forcibly relocated to the Russian Federation.”

Appearing on ABC this week, Stefanishina acknowledged that dozens of Ukrainian cities were in a similar situation, but that Mariupol was strategically important to the Russians.

Stefanishina added that President Zelensky’s apparent frustration with NATO was not a psychological explosion, but an understandable response to the devastation his country is currently experiencing.

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