Biden’s Scottish Peak Ketanji Brown Jackson says murderous black domination group

The following article, Biden’s SCOTUS Peak Ketanji Brown Jackson states that the Mardarus Black Supremacy Group is a ‘cultural community’ built around ‘healthy living’, was first published in Big League politics.

President Joe Biden’s positive move Supreme Court Peak Ketanji Brown Johnson once called a murderous black-dominated terrorist group “a cultural community” centered on “healthy living.”

Johnson commented on the black Hebrew Israelis, an insane group of black ethnic hegemonics who propagate terrorism and carry out massacres targeting Jews and whites.

‚ÄúThere is a small community involved, a cultural community that believes in a vegetarian lifestyle. They call themselves African Hebrew Israelis, but it’s not a religious community, it’s a cultural community in the vicinity of healthy living, “Johnson said during his confirmation hearing, referring to a case involving Black Hebrew Israelis.

The politics of the Big League A terrorist violence report A Black Hebrew led by an Israeli follower in a Kosh deli in 2019 killed six people, including a police officer:

A New Jersey shooting that killed six people, including a police officer, was carried out by two black power activists who targeted a Kosh grocery store for killing Jews in their terror attack.

Law enforcement sources have pointed to David Anderson and Francine Graham as potential suspects in Tuesday’s shooting. Anderson was a member of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a French black power movement that combined the beliefs of Christianity and Judaism. His social media page has anti-police and anti-Semitic campaigns.

City officials confirmed that the gunmen went out of their way to target the Kosar grocery store, meaning their motive was probably inspired by anti-Semitism.

“There were a lot more people on the street,” said James Shea, director of public safety. “They had a lot more targets that they bypassed and attacked. So, obviously, that was their goal and they wanted to hurt the people there. “

Three civilians were killed inside the grocery store and a law enforcement officer was shot dead during the hour-long clash. Suspects Anderson and Graham were also killed in the gunfight. They reportedly left a religious screed in their van, which was not made public but could be a kind of manifesto.

Anderson was a career criminal who had been arrested in New Jersey in 2007 on a felony charge. He was arrested in Ohio in 2009 on charges of criminal mischief In 2004, he was sentenced to three years in probation in Ohio for additional charges

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