Biden’s Scottish Peak Ketanji Brown Jackson False in Critic Race

The following article, Biden’s SCOTUS pick Ketanzi Brown, was found to be false in Ted Cruz’s critical race theory, first published in Big League Politics.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was caught lying by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Tuesday.

Jackson, who is the positive action pick of President-elect Joe Biden, claimed that the critical race theory “does not fit into what I do as a judge” because he sought to undermine his far-left fundamentalism. Sure

Unfortunately for Jackson, Sen. Cruz had a receipt. He drew a quote where Jackson made the exact opposite impression while giving a speech at the University of Chicago in April 2015.

“It’s very interesting to punish … because it brings together countless types of laws – criminal law, of course … constitutional law, critical race theory,” Jackson said.

Cruz pushes him toward the underlying contradiction in his comments.

“So you described in a law school lecture what you were doing as a critical race theory, so I guess I would ask: what did you mean by that when you gave that lecture?” He asked.

Jackson tried to split his hair in an attempt to get out of his shameless deception while giving his reaction.

“Respectfully, Senator, umm, the quote you are quoting there, umm, was about the principle of punishment, it was not about punishment. I was talking about setting policies for organizations like the Punishment Commission, “he said.

Cruz noted that Jackson was vice chairman of the sentencing commission before reiterating his question. Jackson continues to stutter even after his low IQ is exposed as a liar under scrutiny.

“There’s a lot I mean, ahh, the slides are different, ahh, it doesn’t show the full laundry list of the academic disciplines that I said, um, it has to do with the principle of punishment, but none of that has to do with what I do, a judge.” Jackson says.

The exchange can be viewed here:

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson claims the critical race theory “does not fit into what I do as a judge.”

Senator Cruz then read a quote from him saying that critical race theory is part of his job as a judge punishing criminals.

– Election Wizard 🇺🇸 (lectionElectionWiz) March 22, 2022

The politics of the Big League Reported The bench discussed Jackson’s dangerous history of fundamentalism, including its incredible tolerance of child rapists and other predators:

President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, whom Biden chose only because of his skin color, has a tragic and disturbing history of apologizing to child hunters on the bench.

Sen. Josh Howley (R-MO) wrote a Twitter thread that shared what his office has discovered about his record on protecting child victims, and it’s a shame.

“I’m researching Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record, reading his opinions, articles, interviews and lectures. I noticed a disturbing pattern when it comes to Judge Jackson’s treatment of sex offenders, especially those who victimize children, “Howley wrote.

“Judge Jackson has a pattern that child porn offenders hook off for their heinous crimes, both as a judge and as a policy maker. He’s been advocating for it from law school. It goes beyond” soft to crime. “I’m concerned it’s a A record that puts our children at risk, “he added.

Howley showed Jackson’s quotes highlighting his dangerous far-left ideology that embraces predators and gives children their unwelcome generosity after committing heinous acts.

In the current climate of fear, hatred and retaliation associated with the release of convicted sex offenders, the courts must pay special attention to legislation that “uses[] The rhetoric of public health and safety rhetoric to justify, in short, punishment and detention. “Judges should abandon prevention / punishment analyzes that rely on legal intent … and which are” excesses “of the criminal effects of sex offender law in favor of a more ethical approach to characterization. Evaluates, “Jackson wrote.

Jackson’s completely ineligible nomination as a Supreme Court judge only shows how diversity reduces the bar across society. In true merit, Jackson never clerked it past. Multiculturalism is cheapening America’s most valuable institutions.

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