Biden’s Positive Action SCOTUS Pick Ketanzi Praises Brown Jackson Criticism

(Washington DC,) – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Supreme Court’s Biden pick who was nominated because of his skin color, was a fan of the racist, anti-white psychopath who helped create the Criminal Racial Theory (CRT) blood defamation against the American people.

CRT whistleblower Chris Rufo noted that Jackson was an ardent supporter of Derrick Bell, who once said he lived to “harass white people.” Bell is a guide to systematic racism against whites at academia and has helped put CRT on the map.

“Professor Derrick Bell [was] A civil rights lawyer and the first working African-American professor at Harvard Law School, he wrote a book about the persistence of racism in American life in the early 1990s, entitled Face at the Bottom of the Well. My parents put this book on their coffee table for many years, and I remember looking at the cover picture when I was growing up, ”Jackson said during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day lecture at the University of Michigan in January. 2020

It was hard for me to match the image of the person who seemed to be smiling with the depressing message that the headline and subtitle conveyed. I thought about the cover of this book for the first time in forty years when I started preparing for this lecture, because, before gaining civil rights in the 1960s, black women were the best face at the bottom of the well of American society. Their existence at the crossroads of race and gender – both were highly undesirable traits, “he added.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is a lifelong fan of Derrick Bell, the father of critical race theory, who wrote that the constitution was like “roach powder”, that whites could commit “ethnic genocide” and that his motto was “I live to harass whites.”

– Christopher F. ফrealchrisrufo March 17, 2022

As well as being a BLM race thug, Jackson is also a monstrous abortion entrepreneur, because The politics of the Big League Reported:

Ketanji Brown Jackson, a proponent of abortion and an opponent of religious freedom, Joe Biden is expected to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

The White House has not yet announced Jackson’s nomination, but appears to be following Biden’s racist and sexist promises to name only one black woman to replace retired Justice Stephen Brayer.

As a matter of course, Jackson is expected to support leftist positions on important issues, such as abortion, gun rights, and affirmative action.

Prior to joining the Supreme Court, Jackson was an outspoken progressive attorney and appointed Obama to the U.S. Penal Code, where he was committed to advancing the leftist agenda.

Currently, Judge Jackson is a judge on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals where he has repeatedly used his powers to limit the actions of former President Donald Trump.

In the 1990s, Breyer trainee wrote an amicus brief in support of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and other organizations that kill children, supporting a Democrat-backed law that prohibits pro-life protesters from performing outside the abortion facility.

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