Biden’s call for a change of government in Russia is not part of the teleprompter

Apparently Joe Biden’s call for regime change in Russia over the weekend during his disastrous visit to Poland was not part of his prepared remarks.

Joe Biden gave the bill on Saturday evening in Warsaw, Poland, as a “key address” for the White House.

Biden cut off his speech, which was either a change of policy or a gossip, just like his remarks about the US troop deployment in Ukraine on Friday.

Biden said, “For God’s sake, this man [Putin] You can’t stay in power. “

Biden’s handlers immediately went into clean-up mode and ‘clarified’ Biden’s remarks about regime change.

According to Axios and the Washington Post, Biden’s last line to remove Putin was not on his teleprompter.

So Dementia Joe has only obscured it and escalated tensions with nuclear power for no apparent reason.

Axios reports:

Saturday’s Warsaw speech was billed as one of the signature speeches of President Biden’s term – perhaps larger than a State of the Union. Then after a Reaganesque call “a bright future at the root of democracy,” as a Literally the last line Before his departure, Biden advertised:

What he says: “For God’s sake, This guy can’t stay in power.

What are you waiting for ?! The United States wants to oust Putin? What is the call for regime change?

Some variations of Biden’s job immediately led to every major news site in the world, starting with CNN, where many world capitals received the news: “Biden: Putin can’t stay in power.”

Why it’s important: The 27-minute speech of the great end – on the world stage, a border area away from a Russian missile strike – was derailed by a tug-of-war.

A top official Confirmed to Axios that the line was not in Biden’s teleprompter or in his text.

The post is not part of Biden’s call for a change of government in Russia, or part of a prepared commentary – dementia Joe just blurred it out and WWIII almost ignited the first The Gateway Pond.

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