Biden wants new Iran nuclear deal because ‘he’s a fool’ – Indy News

Former President Donald Trump on Monday denounced President Joe Biden for handling several conflicts around the world.

In an interview with Fox Business Host Stuart Verni, Trump denounced the Biden administration’s efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal.

Below is a copy of the exchange:

Verne: “What about Iran? We have been told that we are going to sign the Iran nuclear deal any day now. I am sure you will oppose it. What do you think will happen in a few months or a year?

Trump: “Well, if that happened then it would be the end of Israel. Israel is – I don’t think Israel can actually let that happen. This is the worst deal and also, you are going to see nuclear weapons all over the Middle East and everyone else is going to get them too. It will end because if they have, Saudi Arabia will get them and everyone else will get them and how can you tell them not to do it.

Vernie: “Then – then why is Biden doing this?”

Trump: “Because he’s stupid, right? Because he’s stupid and because they’re stupid, and they shouldn’t be in power, but they’re destroying our country and they could be responsible for destroying the world in the end.”

VARNEY: “What are you going to do if there is a nuclear deal with Iran because it probably shows? What will you do? What will you say?” [crosstalk]

Trump: “So I did – I – I did – yes, I did a lot for Israel. I was the best president of all time for Israel, but I do for this country, but Israel, very big, 52 years they tried to get it, I got it and of course, the capital, including the embassy in Jerusalem. But the biggest thing I have done for Israel is – and – and the wise people say it is, so far, the biggest, bigger than the capital, you know, moving our embassy to Jerusalem and Jerusalem has become the capital, much bigger. I have ended the Iran nuclear deal. They’re going to have a much worse deal now than they did, one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen. “

Trump: “I’ll tell you something. I was with her, and look, I love this country with her and she loves her country, right? But he is a different person. She looks different. She – she looks different. He looks different. He is a different person. ” [crosstalk]

Verne: “Is he mentally tough?”

Trump: “It doesn’t look like the same person I was dealing with. You know, we had a decent relationship. It was very difficult because of Russia’s deception. You know, and I told him, I said you know, for Russia. It’s very hard for me and for you to do something because these horrible, horrible people, you know, perpetuate this deception, talk nonsense about Russia, Russia, Russia’s conspiracy, millions of phone calls I’ve never made in Russia. Think about it. Millions. The calls, which went through the phone records, millions of calls are not a single call in Russia, which was a complete fraud, it came out and the Durham report I look forward to seeing more and more.

Verne: “All right.”

Trump: “I’m looking forward to seeing it more and more. But I’ll say it. We’ve done well with Russia. They haven’t invaded any country under us. I’m the only one where it hasn’t happened, and with Bush, they’ve taken Georgia, and Took Crimea with him and now, he said hell with them.Let’s take the whole thing. China has done nothing. Russia has done nothing. Nobody has done anything. In fact – and we’ve met with North Korea. You know how none of this happened under Trump? And one day you and I will sit down and tell you why. “


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