Biden mistakenly calls Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Secretary of State

President Joe Biden mistakenly referred to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin as his Secretary of State, and also accidentally used Austin’s former military rank.
Biden made the mistake while thanking the 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers stationed in Regesjo, Poland, for their services during the Russian invasion of Ukraine across the border.
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“The secretary of state asked me if I would send more than 12,000 troops,” he told members of the army’s airborne infantry division on Friday. “There are now 100,000 American troops here. For us it was not a long, long time, because we have organized policies for the rest of the world. He said you sent the best, the best available in America, and that’s for you. “
Biden had earlier landed at a makeshift barber shop in the G2A Arena next to Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport while a group of service members were waiting for a haircut from their colleagues. He also ate a piece of jalapeno pizza with the staff at the cafeteria.

Biden mistakenly called Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Secretary of State

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