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Top left to right: George Soros, Sally Berish, Tony Blinken
Biden’s secretary of state, Tony Blinken, has a relationship with George Soros through his parents. Blinken is now being tried in an international court for his actions with Albania.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken is a complete disaster. The handover of US troops’ security in Afghanistan to the Taliban and its handover of $ 84 billion in arms and military equipment and aircraft was the worst surrender in US history. This is the worst because it was not necessary. It was a complete disaster.

Now we are expecting a terrible deal with Iran that is being worked out by Blinken which could be even worse. The worst deal in U.S. history is probably coming this week.

The southern border is a mess. Thanks to Blinken, the United States itself is becoming a mess in Ukraine. How could Blinken be so terrible? Because it appears to be intentional. There really is no other explanation.

We recently discovered information that could help explain Blinken’s acting … close to his parents, George Soros.

Richard Grenell, a former senior adviser to President Trump on national security and foreign policy, wrote an article in November 2021 published by the ACLJ. The story begins with a tweet from Blinken.

Former Albanian President Sali Berissa’s corrupt actions have undermined Albanian democracy. I am publicly nominating Berisha and her family members as ineligible to enter the United States. We are #United Against Corruption With our partners in Albania.

– Secretary Anthony Blinken (SecBlinken) May 19, 2021

Blinken had no reason to do so. Also, Berisha is known as a man who stood up against communism in the former communist country. Berisha fought back.

Blinken’s parents appear to be supporters of George Soros’s Open Society. Grenell writes:

Berisha denounced the State Department’s move as far-right billionaire George Soros and his actions. Open Society, An organization that demands transparency and the promotion of human rights in the Balkans. ACLJ and our international affiliate, the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ), are exposing Soros’ outsourced, radical – and what some call corrupt – influence on the world stage.

Berisha’s claims about Secretary Blinken and Soros should not be dismissed so soon. The US Secretary of State’s parents Vera and Donald Blinken have repeatedly donated Open SocietyEven creating a permanent endorsement in a European-based data archive bearing their names – The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives.

Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-1), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, recently confronted Secretary Blinken about his sudden approval of Berisha. Secretary Blinken expressed little confidence when asked for justice, saying “I have nothing to share.” Although Blinken proposed follow-up platitudes for the committee, no such information or evidence was submitted. The circle-back story continues.

At present, the only evidence we know of is Berisher’s fierce opposition to Soros’ political interference, which Mr Berisha has declared to have undermined the rule of law and informal influence throughout the Balkans. In 2017, Mr Berisha himself called on major governments to investigate Soros’ role in regional politics and went so far as to encourage others to declare Soros “non-grata”.

Secretary Blinken now faces a new challenge to his authority in the form of the International Court of Justice. Last week, the Paris Correctional Tribunal announced that it would hear Berissa and her claim that Blinken had tarnished her reputation by declaring her impersonal.

And Berisha has a point. The US travel bans that Blanken has used against Berisher are generally a measure reserved for the world’s most ruthless, evidence-backed international law and human rights abuses, to the liking of Russian oligarchs. Yet Berisha is a friend of the United States and even hosted by both President Bush.

We’ll see what happens next. Blinken is a complete disaster unless you are close to your parents George Soros and you want to destroy the United States.

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