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One of President Joe Biden’s top donors and a “close friend” has scored millions of dollars in federal contracts and has held a prestigious job at the White House. Washington Free Beacon Review of official records.

In September last year, Biden placed Joe Keane, a close confidante and founder and CEO of medical technology company Massimo Corporation, on the influential president’s advisory council on science and technology. Kiyani’s company, which makes a variety of medical devices, has received about $ 3 million in federal government contracts since Biden took office in 2021. Its contracts include funding from the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The council, according to its website, “advises the president on policies related to science, technology, education and innovation” and “provides the president with the scientific and technological information necessary to inform the public about the policy.”

The new terms and contracts were awarded just years after Kiyani emerged as Biden’s biggest beneficiary. In 2017, the Massimo Foundation donated at least $ 1 million to the Biden Foundation, up to $ 500,000 from Kiyani and his wife, according to grants released by the foundation. During the 2020 campaign, Kiyani bundled over $ 1 million for Biden and hosted individual and virtual fundraisers for him. Kiyani paid $ 750,000 to the pro-Biden super PAC unit The Country and his foundation paid another $ 1 million for Biden’s inaugural committee.

The Biden-Kyani relationship lasted for many years, and the president did not try to preserve the friendship. At the 2018 conference sponsored by the Kiyani Fund, Biden referred to the businessman as “one of my closest friends.” In 2015, then-Vice President Biden Kiani delivered a keynote address at the Patient Safety, Science and Technology Summit.

Kiyani raised his eyebrows at a member of the Post House Oversight Committee who said this Free beacon He plans to look into possible “chronism”.

“Cronism is wrong in any form,” said Ralph Norman (R, SC), a representative of the House Oversight Committee. “The man who has spent nearly 40 years in Washington, you think President Biden of all people knows that.

“Yet here we are, another promoter receiving a post in the administration at this time on the Presidential Advisory Council on Science and Technology. It’s important to get to the bottom of this, and I’m glad I did. “

The posting and lucrative deals at Kayani’s company after his huge grant to the president further undermines the Biden administration’s claim that it has the highest moral standards of any White House in history.

Both the Obama and Trump administrations have awarded Massimo billions of dollars in contracts, according to government spending figures. Massimo, however, is currently on track to exceed the amount of the contract under the previous administration.

Neither the White House nor Massimo responded to requests for comment.

Massimo Corporation employees have donated thousands to Biden’s American Possibilities PAC, making the company one of the biggest supporters of Super PAC.

Other members of the Biden family have also formed relationships with Kiyani. Biden’s son-in-law, Howard Crane, chief medical officer of Startup Health, a company that was launched with significant investment from Kiani’s Massimo Corporation, was part of a nearly $ 20 million financing round in 2018. During Biden’s presidential campaign, Kerin Massimo worked as an informal adviser for her campaign at Investment-Startup Health, which was also running a “special initiative to invest in healthcare startups that address the epidemic.” According to Per Politico. Biden’s Son Hunter and Brother Frank has both leveraged their relationship with the president as part of their business Pitch.

Since Kiyani joined the Biden administration, his foundation, the Massimo Foundation for Ethics, has funded coverage for the Innovation and Healthcare Competition. USA Today About health and patient safety. Content funded for the Kiyani Foundation includes a recent story about the Covid Test Kit Roll Out at the Administration House. USA Today Says Masimo Foundation has no editorial input on news coverage. Its most recent public tax forms show grants of over $ 350,000 USA Today Expanding the outlet’s ability to create “unique, groundbreaking journalism aimed at improving patient safety and outcomes.”

The Biden administration has faced congressional investigations into similar conflicts of interest. Most notably, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granhome owned a million-dollar stock of Protera, an electric car battery maker, while working on an American electric car battery supply chain. Granhome eventually sold its shares to an undisclosed buyer for a profit of $ 1.6 million.

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