Biden Administration’s Secret Air Deportation Flight Ops at Working Magic

Posted: March 22, 2022 12:01 AM

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AUSTIN, Texas – The secret Biden administration’s deportation airlift operations have sharply reversed the airspace of Venezuelan, Central American, Haitian, Brazilian and Ecuadorians who previously crossed the southern border illegally in historic numbers. The dramatic consequence of Biden’s massive deportation campaign, which I announced earlier in August, is that this illegal immigration-control strategy prevents illegal border crossings. It is clear that without Biden’s covert aircraft repatriation operation, a total of 164,973 migrant encounters in February would have risen from the already unacceptable stratosphere to the ionosphere. But the air repatriation program responsible for the crackdown is still at risk. The flights were predicted in U.S. Code Title 42 Epidemic Control Policy was rolled out by former President Trump and conducted by President Biden in a fashion that provided for rapid expulsion. But now, the headline seems to be heading towards the 42 chopping block, probably with April 1, its bi-monthly renewal date. Axios recently reported that the administration is already preparing for the next wave of a nationwide memorial to the historic mass immigration crisis, which already has at least an additional 170,000 crossing efforts, surpassing the huge 160,000. Without heading 42 and air expulsion, those tidal waves could be even worse. As the Center for Immigration Studies has been reporting since December, the Biden administration is targeting nationalities entering the largest congregation in August 2021. It has started shipping to thousands of isolated Central American families.

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