Audiences explode as Trump drops F-bombs on Biden and Kerry – Indy News

We are in a situation with Russia and Ukraine where people are worried about using A-bombs. That’s enough to drop an F-bomb on former President Donald Trump.

In a speech on Georgia’s trade on Sunday, Trump ridiculed President Joe Biden’s administration’s priorities – especially climate Tsar John Kerry, whose concerns seem to be centered on the growing conflict in Eastern Europe, as Trump noted, “whether the sea.” Over the next 300 years, there will be a 100 percent increase. “

Trump’s F-bombing was not the only obscenity during speeches at a rally in support of Georgia Gov. candidate David Purdue and Senator Herschel Walker.

“We have a president who has no idea what he is doing or even where he is,” he said.

“False news, all the people there, they are trying to say that he is acting great … Ukraine is being bombed ***!”

But the mother of all oaths was the climate reserved for Tsar Kerry, whose response to the Ukrainian crisis exemplified how deeply the administration misunderstood the gravity of the situation.

The post first appeared in the Populist Press © 2022, exploding viewers as Trump dropped F-bombs on Biden and Kerry.

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