Arizona State Senator Lope Conteras called the sexual assault victim “at home.”

Arizona State Senator Lupe Contraras recently told a survivor of domestic violence and sexual harassment that she should not turn around “stay home behind closed doors” unless she feels safe.

“Why go around that place?” He asked her after boasting of her bravery.

Gateway pundits previously reported that the same Seiko, Senator Contreras, argued that her four foster children should have been aborted.

Death cult: Democratic Arizona Senator Lope Contraras argues he should have aborted his four foster children

After making a public comment in favor of Lauren Snyder SB2316, which would ease sanctions on gun owners, Contraras reprimanded her, fearing she might be assaulted or abused again.

Snyder: The reason I got my secret carry is because I was sexually abused. I have been the victim of random attacks. I have been a victim of domestic violence and I have refused to be a victim again. I don’t carry because I want to harm others. I carry because I don’t want to be harmed. My right to defend myself should not change just because of my physical condition.

Contraras: I have said many times that I own a gun, I am a hunter, and I am a proud Democrat. I don’t always have to carry my gun to feel safe, I don’t. I don’t walk, I don’t run, and I don’t drive around thinking that someone will shoot me, or hit me, or whatever. Why even walk near that point? Stay in the room behind closed doors. So I mean, I understand, yes, that’s our right. But some people don’t have that right. And some people shouldn’t have that right. And with that, I voted no.

AZ Dem Sen Contreras tells survivors of domestic abuse and sexual harassment to “stay at home” if they feel insecure, deny the rise of crime across Arizona and then vote against our constitutional right to carry a gun. To be a man you have to be beautiful and not worry about being attacked!

– Arizona Republican Party (ZAZGOP) March 16, 2022

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