Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano responded to critics with his position

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has given us his response to the allegations from Kovid and beneficiaries from Ukraine.

Archbishop Vigano has given us his response to the recent allegations against those who do not like what he is saying boldly about Kovid and Ukraine.

Vigano shares:

It seems simple to dismiss “conspiracy theories” against those who condemn conspiracies instead of those who conspire, especially when his own architects admit conspiracy, starting with Soros’ participation in the Euromidian color revolution. But if we see that a member Real sector(Here And Here), The idea that some of them are not exactly what they tell us, even among those who are less inclined to “connect the dots” begins to dawn.

Surprisingly, in the face of multiple disagreements between both doctors and scientists (on the critique of experimental serum) and political scientists and experts on international strategy (in the case of present-day Russian), the two friends and colleagues – de Mattei and Weigel – Taking a joint action against me, not because of what I said – They are careful not to contradict the truth or to make clear evidence to refute what I have said – but simply to decide From the throne Since I do not share their position on the epidemic or the Ukrainian conflict, I should be silenced without appeal because of their alleged obligation to respect “their” truth.

Archbishop Vigano is being criticized for not supporting the war with Russia.

Those who reprimand me for “repeating the Kremlin’s propaganda point by point” should explain why my analysis does not correspond to reality and why they do not see deep state propaganda as what has happened so far. Starting from the occurrence of American biolabs in Ukrainian territory, the reality has been proven to be false, the existence of which has been denied by the White House but confirmed by the WHO (here), which called for the destruction of pathogens …

The Biden family’s involvement in Ukraine’s Burisma and other scandals was even acknowledged by Joe Biden in a video, such as a media campaign to cover evidence of collusion with the Ukrainian government – and much more – that was recovered on Hunter’s laptop.Here) Proving the deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure by blaming the Russians – based on multiple testimonies from Ukrainian citizens – it was originally caused by Zelensky’s militias, which includes the formation of neo-Nazi paramilitary forces, blamed by the UN and war crimes. Amnesty International since the Euromidan revolution. Sending arms to Ukraine has no legitimacy for short trial, score settlement and lynching and is causing serious incidents that have put the population in grave danger. A few days ago, a plane loaded with weapons was intercepted on a plane that was supposed to bring “humanitarian aid” to Ukraine from the Italian government. Broadcasters Russia Today and Sputnik’s censorship in Europe are consistent with the integration of all information platforms directed by Zelensky in recent days and with the suppression of eleven opposition parties (here): a strange way of implementing “Western values,” “democracy” and “freedom of the press.” Soros’s role in the Maidan revolution was announced by the “philanthropist” himself (here), who took credit for financing the uprising, ousting democratically elected Russian President Yanukovych and replacing him with Poroshenko, who was approved by the United States. The presence of neo-Nazi forces was announced by the US Congress, an amendment suspending the training of neo-Nazis in the Azov Battalion in the United States in 2015, which was later canceled due to CIA (here) pressure. Violations of the Kyiv Agreement and the persecution of Russian-speaking minorities in Donbass have been widely documented by international organizations and the media, which today censors their own news.Here): An estimated 14,000 victims of this ethnic cleansing campaign against Russian-speaking citizens. The Zelensky government not only opposed the neo-Nazi violence, but also deliberately denied it and regularized the Azov Battalion as a government military force.

The ideological continuity between the epidemic farce and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis continues to emerge, beyond the evidence of the facts and statements involved, in the fact that the ultimate culprits of both are the same, all responsible for the globalist rhetoric. World Economic Forum. Secretary of State Tony Blinken, for example, is affiliated with the Davos Forum, the founder of the strategic consulting firm WestExec Advisors, which has more than 20 members in the Biden administration.Here, Here And here). Many WestExec employees had or still have very close ties to the World Economic Forum, starting with Michelle Flournoy and Jamie Smith, as condemned by Politico (here).

These are not conspiracy theories, but reality. Period!

See the full response below:

Archbishop Vigano’s response দ্বারা by Jim Huff

The post is exclusive: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Covid’s first appearance on The Gateway Pond has been criticized by critics of his position on torture and Ukraine.

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