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Here is the top headline of your FOX Business Flash for March 25 A leaked email from an Applebee executive caused quite a stir when he told company officials that rising gasoline prices and inflation could be used to reduce workers’ wages. A copy of Wayne Pankretz’s internal email was posted on Reddit and reported by the Daily Mail. Start Get Fox Business by clicking here. He allegedly told managers that employees and applicants were suffering financially, which he saw as an “advantage.” An Applebee restaurant serves customers on August 10, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images) “Most of us have employee base and potential employee base live paycheck to paycheck,” reads the email. “Any increase in gas prices reduces their disposable income.” High gas prices spark a struggle for food truck sellers: ‘You really have to roll the dice’ This week, the average price of regular gas in the Midwestern states was close to $ 4, while the Los Angeles hit a record $ 6,011, according to AAA. “As inflation continues to rise and gas prices continue to rise, workers will have to work longer hours to maintain their current standard of living.” Allegedly added Pankrantz. In this photo, the logo of the American sandwich restaurant chain Applebee is displayed on a smartphone. (Photo: Budrul Chukrut / Sopa Image / Sipa USA) Do not use Germany. (Photo by Budrul Chukrut / Sopa Image / SIPA USA / Reuters Photo) He hinted in the email that people need two jobs to survive and the company needs to make sure new employees are brought in at lower wages. The Kansas City Star has been told that the email does not reflect the company’s position or that Pancreas has the power to make such changes. Change% DIN DINE BRANDS GLOBAL INC. 75.03 ‑1.89 ‑2.46% Kevin Carroll, Chief Operations Officer at Applebee’s, also condemned Pankratz’s alleged statement and said the company does not hold the opinion of AFC executives, according to a statement from Fox Business. Click here to read more about “We understand that the person who owns the franchise and runs the restaurant in this market is on vacation,” says Carroll. The lifeblood of our restaurant, and our franchisees, always wants to reward and encourage new and existing team members to stay within the Applebee family. “

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