AOC, which earns 174k / year, American taxpayers want to pay its 17k

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a woman of the people, is pushing for socialism for the upper class, claiming that US taxpayers pay ছাত্র 174,000 a year with a gold-plated healthcare plan, a ক 3,000 tax credit for travel expenses and other benefits while paying off their student loans. (If he has worked for at least five years) he bought it for $ 46k-59k. The hefty purchase would probably have been better utilized, as Congresswoman had her student loan debt of $ 17,000 in December 2021 (consistent with her financial disclosure, which reported between $ 15k-50k), but she kept a bailout.
Speaking to Spectrum News NY1, the AOC bold thesis revealed that if Biden does not allow American taxpayers to repay his student loans, he risks losing 10% of his pre-tax income (and everyone else, including loans). It’s not just the middle of the street, it’s the increasingly narrow band of freedom.

Post AOC, which earns $ 174k / year, American taxpayers want to repay its $ 17k student loan The first populist press appeared in 22 2022.

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