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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a left-wing member of Congress, claims that President Joe Biden, in a new interview, is at risk of “falling” support among young, more “progressive” Democratic voters.

New York’s second-term lawmaker, who represents Queens and The Bronx in the country’s capital, commented in an interview with New York 1 host Errol Lewis, claiming that Biden’s ongoing (and some say) political problems are likely to lead after the midterm elections in November this year. Power shifts, the New York Post reported.

“We have to admit that this is not just a middle-of-the-road, increasingly narrow band of independent voters,” the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist told Lewis.

“But, it’s really about the decline of support among young people on a democratic basis, it seems they have worked overtime to elect this president and they are not necessarily visible.”

His comments go a long way about Biden’s craterning turnout numbers and how he thinks Democrats can avoid a political blemish during the November congressional election, which was usually done in the context of the experience of the party that controls the White House. .

“This is Biden’s ability to cancel student loans, and not anyone else’s,” AOC told Host, referring to Biden’s commitment to remove $ 10,000 from each college student’s current debt, a leftist statement. The administration has not yet accepted.

The post continues:

Progressives, such as Ocasio-Cortez and his fellow congressional “Squad” members, insisted that Biden had the power to remove that amount – and possibly many more – through executive action, eliminating any possibility that a more conservative Democrat or Republican could hold on to Congress. .

“As the number of his approvals dwindles, one would think that they would be open to trying something other than going down a difficult re-election path. Do you know if they are open to it? Asked Louis.

Ocasio-Cortez responded that the president was still considering the move, but warned that “the administration’s time is running out.”

“And we don’t have much time to wait because of this declining number of votes, I don’t believe in voting by rule,” he added.

In December, Biden took issue with the refusal to extend the student loan repayment moratorium implemented during the Covid-19 epidemic.

“In the coming weeks, we will reveal more details about our plans. White House Press Secretary Jane Saki said at the time, “We will work directly with federal student borrowers to make sure they have the resources they need and have a proper repayment plan.”

“We are still evaluating the Omicron variant effect. A smooth transition to payment is a high priority for administration. The Department of Education is already contacting borrowers to help them prepare for repayment on February 1, ”he said.

“41 million borrowers have benefited from the extended student loan break, but it is due to expire on February 1, so at the moment we are just creating a range of preparations,” he added.

The announcement did not sit well with the left, especially the progressive wing of the party.

“Biden ran on the promise of student debt relief, paving the way to help millions of people. Now the student loan payment is going to start from 1st February Broken promises will be lost in the 2022 and 2024 elections. Biden, we voted for you to follow through on your promise, “replied self-described” drag artist “Marty Cummings.

“A note for Democrats blaming progressives after losing the election: resuming student loans to millions and cutting child tax credits early in the election year is not a winning strategy. We’re warning you right now, don’t raise a finger in November, “Missouri Democrat Rep. Corey Bush tweeted.

“People need relief and they need it now. Pass the Build Back Better Act and cancel student loans, ”claimed Pramila Jaipal, a Washington Democrat.

Some say Biden does not have the power to cancel student loans, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“People think the president of the United States has the power to forgive debts,” he told a news conference in July. “He’s not. He can suspend, he can delay, but he doesn’t have that power. That has to be the job of Congress.”

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