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“The language that people speak in the corridors of power is not economics or politics. It’s history. ” Former Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has been quoted in a Ukrainian column by historian Neil Ferguson. Thus, Democratic insiders and sympathetic journalists preferred to portray President Joe Biden as another Franklin Roosevelt, although Biden did not face economic collapse in 2021 or an irresistible partisan majority like Roosevelt in 1933. But some politicians can be compared to some universally recognized great presidents. The relevant comparison may be what I call the biased hack president. Please understand that “party hack” does not mean insult. Any democratic political system needs a certain number of reliable and dogged party loyalists. Sometimes one would rise to the top and compile a more credible record than most people had predicted. The problem is, historically, the success of biased hack presidents’ policies has hurt their party. My example is four biased hack presidents – two who have succeeded …

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