Analysis: Fact checkers fail to respond to new information in Hunter Biden emails

So-called fact-checkers should eat crows after verifying emails from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop New York Times. But a new analysis shows that by not updating old articles challenging the credibility of the story, they are becoming as rude as ever.

Left-wing fact-checkers such as, PolitiFact and Lead Stories have published stories over the past two years that they have tried to bring down. New York Post Sudden surprise. The outlets did this by referring to the story as coming from “suspicious sources”. Labeling emails as “unsolicited” or directly questioning their authenticity. Times The emails from a cache discovered on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop in Delaware were “verified by people he knew” and linked the documents to an ongoing federal investigation. It has been 12 days since then Times Biden has published his report on laptops, and, PolitiFact and LeadStories have not yet updated their articles. All three outlets are fact-checking partners with the liberal Big Tech giant Meta, the parent company of both Facebook and Instagram. was the worst of the three in a story titled “Trump Biden and Revives False Narrative on Ukraine.” The outlet has been criticized for quoting former President Donald Trump Post “Biden went to Ukraine to revive his widely disrespectful claim and threatened to cut off $ 1 billion in aid if he did not fire his son’s investigating prosecutor and the company he worked for.” Quotes “Unsolicited emails allegedly obtained by his own lawyer in a bizarre way. ” [Emphasis added.]

Also, fake fact-checks have shown that this is not the first time Trump has been quoted using material from ” Suspicious sourceIt even tried to tarnish the whole story as part of a broader plan by former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s foreign contacts to “get harmful information to Biden”. Times “Unsupported Emails” has been verified, has not yet been able to update its story otherwise. [Emphasis added.]

Lead stories, in particular, point to the story of an “exclusive” daily caller in one of the laptop emails that was considered a “smoking gun” Post Story. Daily Caller Dr. Tweet The story goes that a cybersecurity expert “ponypost’s Smoking Gun April 2015 Hunter Biden email discusses an acquaintance with the then Vice President Joe Biden from the Burisma executive. 100% authentic. ” In particular, The Daily Caller quoted the expert as saying that he had used a “cryptographic signature” [DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)] Email metadata has been found to verify “thank you for” to Vadim Pozarski Hunter, Burisma’s adviser.‘I was invited by DC to meet my father [sic] Some time together.“Lead stories have tried to cover up the story with a fact-check:”This is an extension: DKIM can verify who sent an email and what text and other content was included. But the content does not prove whether the statement is true“According to ProofPoint, DKIM is a” protocol that allows an organization to take responsibility for sending a message so that mailbox providers can verify it. ” [Emphasis added.]

The problem here: just not so Times Email content verification, but even PoliticoIts national political correspondent Ben Schrecker specifically verified the “smoking gun” email in September 2021. “A person who had independent access to Hunter Biden’s emails confirmed that he had received a 2015 email from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for the opportunity to meet Joe Biden.” Politico Playbook Report The New York Post The editorial board – citing Schrecker’s email verification – slammed it as a “perfect example of how Democrats used ‘Fact Checker’ as a weapon to denounce criticism and list social media to censor articles. Nothing to see here!”

Lead Stories Fact-Check claims that cybersecurity expert verification “does not tell the whole story.” Lead Stories even complained that the email addresses that appear to belong to Hunter and Burisma Advisors could be fake links to the emails in question:

[The cybersecurity expert’s analysis] Does not verify that the accounts themselves are not fake – or does not show who controlled the accounts at the time in question. Theoretically, someone could send the email claiming to be Pozarsky.

PolitiFact dismissed a story on October 15, 2020, claiming it failed to “verify” the emails. The outlet tried to accuse readers of “smoking gun” emails between Hunter and Burisma advisers. Post Bad work:

There are no emails included with the article, but indicate a meeting has taken place. And an image of an email article that the post called ‘blockbuster correspondence’ has no metadata – such as a message ID number, and the time and date the email was created – This will help establish the authenticity of an email” [emphasis added.]

Well, how about now, Politifact?

Conservatives are being attacked. Contact Main Story (323) 762-3215, PolitifactAnd claim to update its authenticity-check in the Daily Caller’s report on Hunter Biden’s emails.

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