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Russia’s aggression in Ukraine was met with a swift and strong response from American corporations, many of whom pledged to suspend business in the country. Will they respond similarly to the (inevitable) Chinese aggression in Taiwan under President Joe Biden or (God forbid) President Kamala Harris? Probably not. In all likelihood, the response of American corporations will not be quick or strong. It will probably look something like this:


BARBANK – The Walt Disney Company announced Monday that it “opposes the notion of war, in general, and supports the peaceful but victorious resolution of the ongoing reunification process in China, a glorious country with a rich cultural history and deep understanding.” For high-quality entertainment with a growing range of titles available for, offering an unprecedented collection of the world’s most popular movies and TV series on stunning 4K UHD and Dolby Atoms sound on compatible devices.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek said there were “very good arguments” for and against what China was accused of doing about internal affairs within its own borders, but declined to identify the Chinese military operation as “war” or “a”. He repeatedly refused to use the word “Taiwan” or to acknowledge the country’s right to exist. “No country, including the United States, should ever wage a war of attrition for illegal reasons,” Chapek said, referring to Disney + ‘s joint venture with the Chinese Communist Party. There are no plans to back out of the initiative, temporarily titled “People’s Republic of China” glorious campaign for dynamic reunion, “and Disney has played some of the most recognizable names among the characters of the stable.


BEAVERTON – Nike is teaming up with former NFL quarterback Colin Kepernick again as part of the company’s upcoming “Unify” campaign, chief executive John Donahue announced Monday. “Nike is a brand for China and for China,” Donaho said. “We are united in our support for Chinese unity, and I can’t think of anyone better than Colin to be the face of this inspirational message.”

Kepernick, who likened the NFL game to chattle slavery, recently spoke at a #StopAsianHate rally in Cambridge, Mass. Gang, aka “The Butcher of Pengur.” Later the incident was known as fraud.


CUPERTINO – Apple is still considering the Chinese government’s request for access to the private cell phone data of the Taiwanese population to augment the military’s ongoing “reunification campaign,” the company’s chief executive said Monday. “We have a responsibility to do business in China,” Cook said in a face-to-face call with members of Congress. “We cannot ignore the fact that some markets simply operate according to different rules. At Apple, we value all kinds of diversity, and that is why we will not abandon our commitment to world peace through world trade. “

Cook lamented the disruption of the supply chain due to the Chinese military operation in Taiwan, but called on lawmakers to “keep an open mind” and consider the “big picture” before taking drastic action. “Most of us [workers] Has been recruited and replaced in the Army [younger, less experienced workers]Which is sad from a production and quality control standpoint, “Cook said.” On the other hand, die for the country, fighting for the noble cause in search of peace? I really can’t argue with that. It’s more honorable than jumping out of a factory window. “

National Basketball Association

NEW YORK – A number of prominent NBA players, including superstar forward LeBron James, will not face fines or suspensions for leaving their team to serve as morale officers in the People’s Liberation Army, League Commissioner Adam Silver said Monday. “The accusation of what is happening in China at the moment is bigger than any of us,” Silver said. “We have seen how basketball can be an important form of human-to-human exchange that deepens the relationship between all the citizens of the world. I don’t think the NBA is in a position to judge or punish for legitimate acts of political expression. “

James said last week that giving up his American citizenship to join the Chinese armed forces, just days after President Xi Jinping announced a dynamic pacification of Taiwan province, was a “personal decision that needs no further explanation.” This writing AtlanticJournalist Jemmel Hill praised James for “standing still” and questioned whether “a white athlete would get so much scrutiny in the same situation.”

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