Airline CEO sends letter to dictator Biden asking him to remove useless mask

100 percent annoyed Report – On Wednesday, CEOs of American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and other major carriers sent a letter to Joe Biden asking him to end the federal pre-departure testing requirements along with the federal mask mandate on the aircraft. Citing scientific data, the airlines are urging Biden to lift travel bans on airlines so that the US travel and tourism sectors no longer struggle unnecessarily.

In the letter, the CEOs explained that they have so far followed all the guidelines regarding the Covid-19 policy, but requested that their companies be able to follow the scientific evidence and data that show that we are no longer in a critical state of this epidemic.

The letter reads:

“Our industry is leaning towards science at every turn. In the beginning, we voluntarily implemented policies and procedures … to create multi-level procedures to reduce risks and prioritize the well-being of passengers and employees.

It then goes on to argue that the situation and scientific recommendations have changed dramatically and it is time to start acknowledging this information:

“However, much has changed since the introduction of these measures and they are no longer understood in the current context of public health. Given that we have entered a different phase of dealing with this virus, we strongly support your view that” COVID-19’s No more need to control our lives.

Now is the time for the administration to sue the federal transport travel bans – including the international predecessor testing requirements and the federal mask mandate – that no longer coincide with the realities of the current epidemic environment. “

The CEOs emphasize in the letter that the Biden administration considers the negative impact of unnecessary federal mandates on the U.S. travel and tourism industry. They even quoted Biden himself as saying “Kovid-19 doesn’t have to control our lives anymore”, forcing him to follow what he said.

While the United States has maintained all travel bans, the United Kingdom, the EU and Canada have all revoked vain orders. “The U.S.’s incompatibility with these practices creates an additional cost and burden on travel to the United States, creating a competitive barrier to U.S. travel and tourism,” the airline argues.

The letter emphasized that “this does not mean that people still have to wear masks on planes, yet they are allowed to gather in crowded restaurants, schools and sports events without masks.”

Airline CEOs even advise their employees for the welfare that is created to enforce these orders on the aircraft, which is affecting their personal well-being.

They emphasize that “it is important to acknowledge that the burden of applying both mask and pre-departure testing requirements has fallen on our staff for two years now. In turn, it affects their own well-being. “

Finally, the letter further states that those who still wish to wear masks for their own protection are more than welcome to do so, especially considering the “availability of high quality masks”. In addition to masking, the aircraft has “hospital-grade cabin air”, which is emphasized in this letter.

Biden has not yet responded to the request.

Read the full letter below:

Breaking the post: The airline CEO sent a letter to the dictator Biden asking him to remove the useless mask mandates for the first time in The Gateway Pundit.

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