After years of funding by Big Tech for their Silence Heritage Foundation

Since Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, Big Tech has been working tirelessly to eliminate conservative voice and content on the Internet in coordination with far-left groups.

Gateway Pandit Big Tech’s main goal of this internet jihad. Gateway Pandit was the fourth most influential conservative publisher on Facebook in 2016, according to a Harvard and Columbia Journalism Review study. Since then using fake news, conspiracies, and click bait has eliminated 90% of our reach. This is after the liberal mainstream media pushed for more than three years the description of the fake Trump-Russia alliance.

Conservative publishers (who are not having dinner with Mark Zuckerberg) have seen their traffic drop from Facebook More than 90%.

If you add up the total number of pageviews lost by conservative online publishers since 2017, you see a loss of over 1.5 billion pageviews per year from Facebook.

Conservatives have seen similar tactics by Twitter, Google, Wikipedia and even Pinterest to eliminate and censor conservative content.

In 2019, Tucker Carlson called on old-school conservative groups to work with the big technology companies as they continue on a daily basis to eliminate conservative content online.

Apparently, the Heritage Foundation was outraged that Carlson called their money and made a response at the time.

The Hill reports:

The Conservative Heritage Foundation pushed back Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Saturday after he sharply criticized the company during a piece on technology policy.

Carlson blasted the foundation and other groups during his show on Friday night, arguing that Beltway conservative organizations had “teamed up with big technology to protect left-wing monopolies from any surveillance.”

In particular, following Heritage, where Carlson worked, Host emphasized, “As an organization, Heritage no longer represents the interests of conservatives, at least in terms of technology.”

He also criticized the group’s paper, which he alleged “protects the special privileges granted to congressional left-wing Silicon Valley monopolies.”

The foundation retaliated in a statement Saturday, accusing the television personality of making “a number of false, offensive and baseless allegations.”

“Instead of engaging in a substantive policy debate, he has chosen to attack advertising homininism and question our integrity. We are disappointed that it came from someone we admire and respect, “said Rob Blui, vice president of communications at the Heritage Foundation.

He added that Carlson defended the report’s conclusion as “failing to acknowledge the continuing criticism of heritage experts by technology companies” and “based on principles that guide all our policy recommendations”.

But Tucker Carlson was right.
Several old-school conservative groups are being funded by tech giants as conservative voices go silent online.
Thanks to an accidental section of the Wall Street Journal in January, we learned that conservative voices are being paid by tech giants to various conservative organizations as they continue to censor and eliminate conservative voices.
It was indecent and disgusting behavior.

Tony Perkins From the Family Research Council, Grover Norquist From Americans for tax reform, and K. Cole Jones From the Heritage Organization

Alphabet Inc. Google contributes to more than 200 third party groups, including Heritage Foundation, National Cyber ​​Security AllianceAnd Americans for tax reform.

This money was paid while the conservative bloodbath of the tech giants was roaring in front.

These so-called conservative groups were paid, mainly for their silence, because Facebook removed conservative content and killed conservative publishers.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Facebook has personally sought advice from them Family Research CouncilA conservative Christian public-policy group and its founder Anthony Perkins, According to people familiar with those meetings. Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey recently hosted a dinner with Conservatives, including Grover Norquist, founder and president of American for Tax Reform, which advocates lower taxes. Advisors on the left include the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group that lists hate groups …

… Although outside teams are technically unpaid, Technical firms contribute to some of the firms they are looking for guidance. Alphabet Inc. Google contributes to more than 200 third party groups, including Heritage Foundation, National Cyber ​​Security AllianceAnd Americans for tax reform, According to the company. Facebook and most other companies do not disclose their donations to outside groups.

Executives in a cross-section of groups see the outreach as partially a political protection, to protect against accusations that they are biased against conservatives, repeated allegations made last year by President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers. Some conservative groups, recently tapped by technology platforms, have complained that organizations are too close to the Southern Poverty Law Center when it comes to defining hate speech.

Many companies and other groups rely on the Centre’s list of hate groups, counting about 1,000 in the United States, according to its website. The group also writes about some of those groups on its “Hatewatch” blog.

Keegan Hanks, a senior research analyst at Southern Poverty Law Center, said the group lobbied on tech platforms to remove content that it considered hate speech, such as when it successfully referred Facebook to content posted in the League of the South, a neo-Confederate post. Team

Now it is.

Heritage has suddenly changed its mind, estimating that it has lost an estimated $ 100 million due to Big Tech censorship. And they have joined a conservative party against censorship. President Kevin Roberts even said, “Big tech is the enemy of the American people.”

Joseph Farah WND reports:

“Big tech is the enemy of the American people.”

I am not claiming this. This is not Donald Trump. It’s not even Steve Bannon.

This is the Conservative Heritage Foundation.

The think tank announced this week that it is “joining the Free Speech Alliance, a coalition of more than 90 conservative organizations working together to ensure the free speech of conservatives online and to weaken it to hold technology companies accountable.”

The only thing I want to say about this statement is that it underestimates the extent to which Big Tech is undermining freedom of speech. They weaken it every day of the week. On Sunday they weakened it twice. They weaken it more than a billion times a second. They probably couldn’t make it weaker than they did. They weaken it at every opportunity …


What did it take to run the August Heritage Foundation to reach this important decision?

In February, YouTube censored a video posted on the Daily Signal’s YouTube channel where Virginia parent Marion Jensen criticized the unscientific and harmful school mask mandate, claiming it violated the platform’s “COVID-19 medical misinformation policy.” (Daily Signal is Heritage’s news site.)
Last year, Amazon Heritage senior colleague Mike Gonzalez published a book entitled “BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution” and removed paid ads because “content revolving around controversial or highly controversial social issues is not allowed.” After public pressure campaigns, Amazon overturned itself and retrieved ads.
In 2020, a YouTube video of Heritage related to gender dysphoria was censored by the company, while in 2019, the Daily Signal reported that YouTube had removed a similar video from its YouTube channel.
And in early 2019, Heritage President KC James was invited to be a member of Google’s new AI board, only to be told by company employees that James, a conservative, had been asked to stay on the board to dismantle Google’s board. Board

This is a good lesson for any conservative group to accept money from Big Tech for your silence. Eventually, your number will come up.

Sorry it took you so long, Heritage. Hope you don’t make the same mistake again.

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