After calling for Joe Biden to be removed using the 25th Amendment, he stepped up after the 3rd.

Calls for the removal of President Joe Biden using the 25th Amendment have reached fever pitch after Biden made three alarming blows in Europe in a matter of days. These were not just ordinary flabs, they brought us closer to the armed conflict with Russia, essentially World War III.

Vladimir also attacked Putin’s propaganda machine while he was on the ropes for the heavy, unexpected losses to his troops in the Ukraine invasion. Nigel Farage went to Fox News and listed Biden’s mistakes and called for his removal using the 25th Amendment, and he was not alone.

Biden, after talking about our troops moving into Ukraine, hinted that we could use chemical weapons, and that the 25th Amendment in Russia seemed to be the trend on Twitter.

Biden says: “We need to have clear eyes. This war cannot be won day by day. We need to strengthen ourselves for the long fight ahead. Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia, because the free people refuse to live in a world of despair and darkness.

“We will have a different future, a brighter future, democracy and policy, hope and light, decency and dignity, freedom and potential. For God’s sake, this person cannot be in power.

It’s time to move the 25th Amendment to the United States.

– Nigel Farage (igNigel_Farage) March 26, 2022

“You, the Russian people, are not our enemy.

“I refuse to believe that you welcome the killing of innocent children and grandparents.

“Or you take hospitals, schools, maternity wards – for God’s sake – being hit by Russian missiles and bombs.

“We see again today that the brave Ukrainian people are showing that the strength of many of them is greater than the will of any one dictator.

“We stand with you. Duration.

“This war is not for you, the Russian people. Putin can end this war. The American people will stand with you and the brave citizens of Ukraine who want peace,” he said.

“The president has said that Putin should not be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He did not discuss Putin’s power in Russia, or change his regime, “the official said.

The White House on Friday insisted that US troops would not be deployed in Putin’s war in Ukraine, adding that Biden’s comments to troops in Poland seemed to suggest otherwise. Biden says:

“You’re going to see when you’re there – some of you are there – you’re going to see a woman, a young man, in the middle, standing in front of a curse tank, saying, ‘I’m not leaving, I’m holding my ground.’

Our troops are not going to Ukraine because it will, as Biden acknowledged earlier, in World War 3. So it’s not an unnecessary gaff from a guy who doesn’t seem to be able to go through a speech creating a horrible flop.

“The president has made it clear that we are not sending US troops to Ukraine and that there is no change in that position,” said a White House spokesman.

However, this is the only embarrassment and probably the result is that biden was not made in Europe.

He suggested that we use chemical weapons in Ukraine if Putin does, which, again, is essentially World War III.

White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan had to clear that mess for Biden.

Biden said Thursday that the U.S. response to Russian troops using chemical weapons would “depend on the nature of the use” and that the United States would respond “kindly.”

White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said:

“The United States has no intention of using chemical weapons under any circumstances,” Sullivan said.

Biden’s line-up tonight says Putin was “not planned to stay in power” and is a surprise to U.S. officials, for acquaintances.

Even then, officials say, there has been no change in policy. Instead, the line was an example of Biden’s sometimes unspoken remarks. Https://

– Tyler Pager (TylerPager) March 26, 2022

After the post called for the removal of Joe Biden using the 25th Amendment, he appeared in the first MAGA Conservatives after creating 3 alarming flabs in Europe.

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