ABC’s ‘Home Economics’ removes Amy Connie Barrett from Supreme Court

ABC sitcom Domestic economy Women have been celebrated in the Supreme Court this week with a musical number 7 Well, not every woman. The name Amy Connie Barrett was markedly missing.

In Wednesday’s ‘Workout Leggings, 29’ episode, siblings Tom and Sarah Heworth (Tuffer Grace and Caitlin McGee) write a song for a prestigious private California elementary school where Sarah is a mentor.

The title of the musical is “Ansang Sheros: A Celebration of Groundbreaking Women from Sakagawea to Sotomayor.” At the end of the episode, Tom and Sara show a preview of a song written about women in the Supreme Court for their relatives.

Fortunately, there are three elementary school girls among the many Heworth cousins ​​to serve the song as a Supreme Court judge. That would be a perfect number, since there are currently three female judges in the US Supreme Court – Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Amy Connie Barrett. However, the scene is not seen that way.

Kelvin: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Directly from Capital, it’s your daughter, Supreme! [Cheers and applause] Elena Cagan! Sonia Sotomayor! And one, the only, infamous RBG! [Cheers and applause]

Shamiyah: ♪ You can’t rush the law ♪ No, you must have a debate ♪ ♪ He said the law doesn’t come easily ♪ Sometimes you bring it back to the state.

Camilla: ♪ But how many judgments do we have to stand?

Marina: ♪ – Oh, that’s amazing. You two make a really good team.

Camilla: Straight white man 3

Tom: Do you know? We do.

Sarah: Yes, we do. We’ll never do it again.

Tom: Oh, God, never again.

Gretchen: Just hang on ♪ ♪ It’s a woman’s right. No, they can’t go. 3

The two women – Amy Connie Barrett and Sandra Day O’Connor – who rose to prominence as U.S. Supreme Court justices, were not fully named. Both have been nominated Republican presidents. Considering that the song has been released with “Straight from the Capital”, wouldn’t Amy Connie Barrett’s announcement be more meaningful than “Infamous RBG”? After all, Ginsberg has been dead since 2020. Is his ghost coming from the capital?

For radical left Hollywood, only left-wing democratic women exist or are important in history. The achievements of conservative or Republican women are simply erased.

Then again, in today’s climate one wonders why writers let Tom and Sarah guess what a woman is. To explain the current Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, they are not biologists!

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