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On March 8, there was a live panel, “Paying the price – understanding the life of a political dissident.” The event was coordinated and hosted by Human Events and the Silicon Valley Liberty Forum and enjoyed sponsorship of the Victims of Communism Foundation.
Brent Hamachek, managing editor of Human Events, has conducted a “five-person panel (comprising) of people living under totalitarianism in Cuba, the former Czechoslovakia, the former East Germany, the former Soviet Union and Vietnam.” These survivors of totalitarian communism “share the stories of their lives under communist persecution, including their resistance efforts, some of which include imprisonment and warnings to today’s Americans.”

To further record and expand the experiences of the five survivors on communism and cautiously, Human Events has begun publishing their articles. These essays, such as the initial offer by Professor and author Frank de Verona, who spent two years in Castro being tortured in the Gulf of Pig, will document the underlying evil of totalitarian communism, five survivors and survivors; And now the free world is being threatened by metastasizing communist threats from within and without.
In these perilous days for independence, the humanitarian event and the generous patronage of the Silicon Valley Liberty Forum and Victims, the five people who survived communism, made this emotionally devastating effort …

The Horrors of Post-Communism: A Timely and Necessary Reminder First appeared in the Populist Press © 2022.

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