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An associate professor at Penn State has called for the death of prominent right-wing voices, including President Trump, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson. The story was first reported by Andy Engo of The Post Millennial, who shared screenshots of the violent tweets sent by the professor.

Jack Farnes, an associate professor of communications at Penn State, is reported to have sent tweets in response to questions on the popular “Crazy Moment of American History” Twitter account. On March 26, the account shared a photo of President Trump throwing paper towels to Puerto Ricans whose community was destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Furness responded to the tweet by saying that according to the NGO, Trump should have been “Lincoln” after the photo. The answer was in the context of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

.Pen_state Associate communications professor Jack Farnes tweeted today that former President Trump should have been shot and killed. His academic work was influenced by Marxism and critical pedagogy. He had previously made a list of the dead. pic.twitter.com/phmevlSymY

– Andy Engo (@MrAndyNgo) March 26, 2022

The NGO shared additional screenshots of a tweet sent by a Penn State professor where he hoped several conservative and centralist figures would be killed. “I want to create a pressure and fill it with Michael Tracy, Andrew Sullivan, Barry Weiss, Andy Ngo, Ian Miles Cheung, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and Fox & Friends. And then turn it to the sun, “Furness wrote on September 9, 2020.

Furness has since deleted the “unkpunkademic” Twitter handle from which the tweets were sent.

“My name is Jack Farnes and I am an associate professor of communications at Penn State University’s Greater Allegheny Campus, where I also work as a communications program coordinator and WMKP radio general manager,” read a biography for Farnes on the Penn State website. “Both a researcher and a teacher draw my work on a web of influence that includes communication and cultural studies, cultural geography, feminist and Marxist theories, anarchism, environmentalism, critical education, technology history and philosophy and punk rock,” he added.

Furness also describes herself as an avid punk-rock fan who has performed in several bands. He has taught several classes at Penn State University, Greater Allegheny, many of which revolve around media, music and communication. The title “Gender, Diversity and Media” explores the cultural, socio-economic, historical and political implications of a particular communication class, media content, media practice and media literacy, Post Millennial reports.

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