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LeBron James-led space jam sequel, Space Jam 2021: Despite years of hype and anticipation for a new legacy, James was panned by critics for winning an award he probably didn’t expect to get out of. Space Jam: A new legacy was well presented at the 42nd Golden Raspberry Awards, winning four nominations and winning three of them. LeBron James won the worst actor award, and the film itself won the award for worst screen combo (LeBron with any Warner Bros. character or product) and worst prequel, rip-off or sequel. Space Jam: A New Legacy was also nominated for Worst Picture, an honor it lost to Diana The Musical. James is now the latest NBA star to win a Reggie Award Dennis Rodman has won three for his performances in the 1997 doubles team, including the worst co-star and the worst new star. That same year, Shakil was nominated for worst actor for his performance in O’Neill Steel. Despite grossing $ 162.8 million at the box office, its $ 150 million budget, Space Jam: A New Legacy is high enough to meet with poor reviews. According to Jordan Williams of Critic ScreenRunt, critics point to the film’s lack of humor compared to the original Space Jam starring Michael Jordan, the apparently heavy product placement and promotion of Warner Bros. property and long runtime. A

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