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Biden says he is not backing down on Putin’s remarks about staying in power

Biden says he is not backing down on Putin’s remarks about staying in power

Joe Biden on Monday outlined his 2023 budget proposal in Congress with his OMB director Shalanda Young.

Biden took some questions from reporters after his remarks.

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell asked Joe Biden if he regretted that Russian President Vladimir Putin should not be in power.

Joe Biden gave the bill on Saturday evening in Warsaw, Poland, as a “key address” for the White House.

Biden cut off his speech, which was either a change of policy or a gossip, just like his remarks about the US troop deployment in Ukraine on Friday.

Biden said, “For God’s sake, this man [Putin] You can’t stay in power. “

Biden’s handlers immediately went into clean-up mode and ‘clarified’ Biden’s remarks about regime change.

According to Axios and the Washington Post, Biden’s last line to remove Putin was not on his teleprompter.

So Dementia Joe has only obscured it and escalated tensions with nuclear power for no apparent reason.

“Do you believe that you have said that Putin cannot stay in power, or that you are now regretting saying that because your government is trying to get behind that? Are you complicating things?” NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell asked Biden.

Side note: Since when has the White House been a separate entity from Joe Biden?

“I’m not backing down at all,” Biden said before admitting he had no control over his emotions. “I was outraged by the way Putin was behaving – and this man’s actions – just barbarism – half the children of Ukraine – but I want to make it clear, I was not then and I am not saying yet. Policy change. “

Biden said he had “no apology” for expressing his “personal feelings” towards Putin.


Reporter: “Do you believe that you said Putin could not stay in power, or do you regret saying that because your government is trying to walk behind it?”

Biden: “I’m not backing down at all.”

– Washington Free Beacon (@Fribicon) March 28, 2022

Post Biden says he is not commenting on Putin’s stay in power, claiming it was “personal resentment”, not policy (video) first appeared on The Gateway Pond.

New Newsbuster Podcast: Biden Pupper Scoopers Launch Overdrive in Poland

New Newsbuster Podcast: Biden Pupper Scoopers Launch Overdrive in Poland

President Biden’s gossip in Poland about the red-hot Russian war against Ukraine did not end well among European allies. Our media elites wanted to compare Biden with JFK or Ronald Reagan talking boldly about Russia, but they tried to emphasize that these gaffs are not really gaffs. Either they have soft-pedaled them or they have completely ignored them.

At the very least, they have covered Biden’s assertion that Putin “cannot stay in power.” Sunday’s newspaper headlines were something. The Washington Post At the top comes this headline:

Biden: Putin ‘can’t stay in power’
The White House insisted the remarks were not about regime change

New York Times Worse, the White House did not recognize the cleanup:

Biden says Putin ‘can’t stay in power’
Burning statement after visiting the refugee.

The Bar Inside the story paper, the White House did not acknowledge the issue until Article 9. A The Washington Post The reporter tweeted that Biden was “sometimes obscure” which fueled leftist anger on Twitter.

Biden made another negligence in Poland that received little attention, telling the 82nd Airborne in southern Poland what they would see on the streets of Ukraine “while you’re there.” The White House had to repeat that there were no plans to send troops to Ukraine.

In that speech, AP’s story ignores the “when you’re there” gaff, but Biden took the time to talk about visiting his son Beau in Iraq. This leads to a brief note about the SE Cup brought by Hunter Biden on Sunday. Reliable sources. It was short, but shocking.

Will Smith concludes with some insanely radical Twitter response to slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, complete with calls for “texturism,” “abelism,” – even “abalonear” – and white colonial colonialism.

Enjoy the podcast below or wherever you enjoy your podcasts and then like and share.

Biden’s science policy is guided by billionaire former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Biden’s science policy is guided by billionaire former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

(Indianapolis, In.) – Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, has been revealed to have a significant amount of power over the science and technology policy of the Biden regime at a time when bureaucrats are using COVID-19 as an excuse to gain unprecedented power in the country.

A Politico exposure has shown that Schmidt has funded many employees in the White House Office of Science and Technology policy through his Schmidt Future Charity Front. These included the current chief of staff, Mark Idinf, and Tom Calil, who was forced to step down after allegations of misconduct.

Schmidt Futures claims that their work is “designed to focus and integrate talent networks to solve specific problems in science and society.” But a close examination of their efforts reveals a glorious influence-bearing campaign by an oligarch in the hope of seizing governmental power to bring technocracy.

Politico’s internal emails show that Rachel Wallace, a former general counsel in the White House Science Office, said Schmidt’s intervention was a cause for “significant” moral concern, considering Schmidt’s financial portfolio, which is heavily invested in science-related businesses.

Despite leaving Google and their parent company Alphabet in 2020, Schmidt has invested heavily in the technology industry. He sits on the boards of various technology companies, especially those that are influential in the development of artificial intelligence.

After Wallace whispered about Schmidt’s possible illicit behavior, he was harassed by Schmidt’s thugs inside the bureaucracy. Eric Lander, Biden’s former science adviser, is said to have teased him over a formal complaint. This was proved by the “credible evidence” presented publicly in a Politico report, which led to Lander’s final resignation.

“I and others in the legal team have been targeting a large number of staff, including those with financial ties to Schmidt Future, and have been increasingly concerned about the impact that the company has been able to exert through these individuals,” said Wallace, who now represents the Government Accountability Project.

The White House has denied any wrongdoing in its impact-pedaling operation involving Big Tech overlords.

Big League Politics reports that Schmidt called on Big Tech to work with the government in a lockstep, especially in the military-industrial complex, to ensure full control:

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, says the Russian / Ukraine conflict shows the need for technology giants to support the military-industry complex propaganda.

During his appearance on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” on Monday, Schmidt claimed that technology giants must now move to the lockstop for global national security priorities.

“The war will help strengthen technology companies’ understanding of why national security is important,” Schmidt said.

“If you believe, falsely, that 10 years ago, that war was wiped out, that conflict was wiped out, we didn’t need military forces to protect us, then you say, ‘Let’s not work with the government, let’s go.’ This thing is not the focus. ‘ And I think we have, unfortunately and terribly, put that argument to bed. Our country needs a strong national security and the technology industry needs to support it, “he added.

Schmidt called on Google and other technology giants to flood Russia with propaganda to undermine their national sovereignty.

“I think we’re working together to integrate this into their data,” Schmidt said, claiming that the control of information by monopoly technology corporations is helping Russian citizens “see what they’re missing.” [on]”

The technical giants are the most dangerous entity for human freedom that the world knows. They are formulating public policy so that civil liberties for mankind are erased forever. Schmidt is working diligently to express Orvillean nightmares.

Continue reading: Technocracy: Biden’s Science Policy Guided by Eric Schmidt, Former Google CEO of Billionaire

Actor John Leguizamo praises ‘beautiful Latinx face’ at Oscars – Indy News

Actor John Leguizamo praises ‘beautiful Latinx face’ at Oscars – Indy News

(Los Angeles, California) – The gender-neutral term “Latinx” has been widely rejected by the Hispanic community, who prefer to be described as Latino or Hispanic. According to a Gallup poll published last July, only 4% of Hispanic Americans want to mention the term. The same survey found that 23% prefer “Hispanic” while 15% prefer “Latino”. Another 57% answered “no matter” when asked for a priority on how they would like to be referenced.

“Most Hispanic Americans, too, are content to use multiple terms to describe their subgroups,” Gallup wrote. “For most Hispanics, though, many prefer ‘Latino’, while some prefer ‘Latinox’ as their preferred word.

According to an ICR-Miami poll for Americano Media, even Hispanic Democrats do not view the term favorably. The poll found that only 1.6 percent of Hispanic Democrats use the term “Latinx” to describe themselves, as well as only 1.5 percent of Republican Hispanics.

Surprisingly, Leguizamo has been unanimously ridiculed on social media for using the “Latinx” narrator.

“Latinx face”6 John Leguizamo His white liberal friends are pointing the finger at him.

No Hispanic uses this word. Stop trying to do this one thing.

– Giancarlo Sopo (@ Giancarlosopo) March 28, 2022

This again?

– Sweet Lou (@ Porksword6) March 28, 2022

John Leguizamax

– Mats Idea Shop (atMattsIdeaShop) March 28, 2022

Leguizamo has long been a supporter of leftist causes and a vocal critic of Trump. In October 2020, the Colombian-American actor said that Hispanics who support Trump are like “Roach for Expedition” during an interview with Bill Maher. After Bill Maher took note of Trump’s growing support among Latino men, the actor said, “For Republicans, Latin people are like Roach for the campaign, let’s get to the real thing.” “I just feel a lack of self-loathing or care for the rest of your Latin brethren who are being held captive in cages, being demonized by the president,” he continued.

Donald Trump improved his 2016 percent in 78 of the 100 majority-Hispanic counties in the U.S. in the 2020 election.

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CNN’s Ketanji runs a five-minute segment on Brown Jackson’s hair – Indy News

CNN’s Ketanji runs a five-minute segment on Brown Jackson’s hair – Indy News

CNN Biden ran a bizarre five-minute-long segment on Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hair, saying it “inspires a generation of women” because it helps him change not only the “image of justice” but also the “image of beauty.” “

The CNN segment of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hair arrived when the network covered his confirmation hearing in the U.S. Senate. Jackson, who promised race-centered leftists that he would nominate Joe Biden to be a black woman for the Supreme Court, would be the first black woman to sit on the high court if confirmed, CNN said, adding that more was being done. Historic by her hairstyle.

“Judge Jackson is changing not only the image of justice, but also the image of beauty,” reported CNN correspondent Adrian Broaddas when he started the section, which also focused on Jackson’s first name and featured interview at a hair salon in Chicago. Customers, who were black women, described feeling “empowered” by seeing Jackson’s hair and hearing his name on their cell phone with CNN.

“This is empowerment! It’s empowerment! ” A Chicago stylist told CNN about the footage of the hearing.

“She is the epitome of essence and blackness,” Chicago mother Ida Nelson told CNN in another feature interview.

Ketanzi has linked CNN’s segment on Brown Jackson’s hair to Republican senators and others with his actual judicial record, including the easy release of pedophiles, as opposed to the racists who “don’t get it” in their judicial statements. Left Representative Ayana Presley called Jackson’s hair “strong.”

“It’s always been prettier than Straight,” said CNN correspondent Adrian Broaddas, who concluded the segment with a monologue. “Hair is loaded with many messages. It has the power to tell you how others treat you and how you feel about yourself, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

CNN Judge Ketanji Brown celebrates Jackson’s hairstyle and runs a 5-minute segment: “Judge Jackson is changing not only the image of justice, but also the image of beauty.”

– Tom Elliott (Tomseliot) March 28, 2022

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Gateway pundits Jim and Joe Hoft will speak at the conference “Rising Globalism”

Gateway pundits Jim and Joe Hoft will speak at the conference “Rising Globalism”

Around the world, with the rise of authoritarianism, individual freedom and liberty is being lost. Learn what is at stake in this unprecedented time and how to survive.

Tuesday, March 29, Honorable Michelle BachmannThe Dean of the Robertson School of Government will host The Rise of Global Government Conference from noon to 5:00 p.m.
The entire event will be broadcast on the Globalism Rising webpage.

Gateway Pundit Jim Huff And Joe Huff The conference will present a timeline of growing authoritarianism over the past two years. You don’t want to miss this!

* * * * * * * * * *

Rising globalism: the end of authoritarianism and civil liberties


March 29, 2022 / Noon – 5:00 pm ET

SPEAKER AND SCHEDULE – As of March 10, 2022

12:00 – 1:00 pm – Jim and Joe Huff (live in the studio)
The Huff Brothers, a top conservative website, publishes The Gateway Pundit, publishing 30-40 articles a day.
Subject: Sharing their information from archives, outlines the rise of authoritarianism in the last 2 years.

1:00 – 2:15 pm – Leo Homan and Dr. Michael Rectenwald (live in the studio)
Subject: Everyone will discuss the World Economic Forum (WEF) and then have a behind-the-scenes conversation about the WEF.

2:15 – 2:35 pm – Sen. Rand Paul (live via zoom)
Subject: From the senator’s perspective, present the rise of global authoritarianism in the United States.

2:35 – 2:55 pm – Leo Homan and Dr. Michael Rectenwald (live in the studio)
Subject: Return for feedback and Q&A.

2:55 – 3:55 pm – Dr. Ed Hindson, Dean Emeritus, School of Divinity, Liberty University (Live via Zoom)
Subject: What does the Bible say about global authoritarianism and the rise of domination, or does it speak to global authoritarianism? From a biblical perspective and using Scriptural references, Scripture is a parallel to what is happening in our world today.

3:55 – 5:00 pm – Bill Federer (pre-recorded)
Subject: Rise and History of Socialism, Fascism and Communism. How the government removes the authority of authoritarian people and gives it to a centralized government.

Mark your calendar! It will be an amazing event.

Post Reminder: Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Huff will be speaking at the “Globalism Rising” conference at Regent University on Tuesday, March 29, from noon to 5 p.m.

Orange Harris provided another word salad when asked about the gas price increase

Orange Harris provided another word salad when asked about the gas price increase

Orange Harris appeared on the Willie Moore show over the weekend to discuss rising gas prices and Biden admin’s infrastructure package.

Harris was asked about the gas price increase and he delivered a word salad.

“How can we get a solution [gas prices]? “Host Kamala asked Harris.

Gas prices hit record highs over Joe Biden’s war on American energy

“Well, we were in the first place, um, you know, realizing that this is a real problem. Prices and we’re working on it – gas costs are part of the cost of living, aren’t they? Harris said. “It’s very expensive for a lot of people.”

How deep.


Orange Harris was also told about the enthusiasm of the struggling Americans.

“First of all, thank you for being a fighter, for knowing that we have reason to believe in what is possible, but we have to work to make it achievable, and that includes what people did to vote in 2020 – I That’s the way it is – people order it and say I want it. “

The post Orange Harris offers another word salad at The Gateway Pondy when asked about the rising price of gas (AUDIO)

DeSantis has signed parental rights to education (don’t say ‘branded incorrectly’)

DeSantis has signed parental rights to education (don’t say ‘branded incorrectly’)

Florida Gov. Ron Descentis has signed a parental education bill that prohibits certain guidelines on sexual orientation and “gender identity” in the classroom.

“I don’t care what the corporate media outlets say, I don’t care what Hollywood says, I don’t care what the big corporations say. Here I stand. I’m not backing down, “said Desantis in Bill Signing.

The law states that “classroom instruction regarding sexual orientation or gender identity of school staff or third parties may not occur in kindergarten from grade 3 onwards or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students by state standards.”

Parents will be able to sue the districts for violations

Breaking: Ron Descentis has signed the Parental Rights Act

– TheBlaze (theblaze) March 28, 2022

This measure has been mistakenly criticized by critics as a “don’t say gay” bill. Critics of those critics have branded their Groomer.

During the Oscars on Sunday evening, several celebrities commented against the law.

.GovRonDeSantis: “I don’t care what the corporate media outlets say, I don’t care what Hollywood says, I don’t care what the big corporations say. Here I stand. I’m not backing down. “

– Benny (েনBenijonson) March 28, 2022

“We continue to recognize that in the state of Florida, parents have a fundamental role to play in their children’s education, health care and well-being.

HB 1557 will now be effective in July

The post Breaking: DeSantis Signs Parental Rights in Education (Wrongly Branded ‘Don’t Say Gay’) Bill – The first to hit Hollywood in The Gateway Pond.

‘Unprecedented’! Former Google CEO Biden White House has a financial relationship with science

‘Unprecedented’! Former Google CEO Biden White House has a financial relationship with science

Former Google CEO and technology billionaire Eric Schmidt was involved with Biden’s White House science office in a way that raised serious ethical concerns.

Politico reports that Schmidt, a former CEO of Google and a left-wing millionaire, has even paid government officials, among other things. President Joe Biden granted the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) “unprecedented access and power,” and according to Politico, Schmidt was heavily involved through his foundation, Smith Future. OSTP prioritizes $ 1.4 trillion in annual federal spending on health and science, and it is increasingly focused on artificial intelligence, according to Politico.

Politico reports that more than a dozen staff members in the 140-member office were in some way associates of Schmidt, and some were current employees of Schmidt. Employees of the two science offices, “Charity Arm” and Schmidt were indirectly paid in the future, for a few weeks, wrote Mark Idinf, a senior OSTP official and current chief of staff, Politico. Another science office employee who received financial support from Schmidt was an unpaid consultant and Schmidt employee who had to leave the science office position following “ethics allegations.” According to Politico, Schmidt Future Fellowships were another financial benefit offered to OSTP staff.

The former CEO of Google has been involved with the government for years. Schmidt, who works for the Obama Department of Defense, recently called on technology companies to become more involved in national security, a suggestion that Rep. Greg Steve (R-FL) exclusively called MRC Free Speech America “incredibly dangerous.” Schmidt helped former President Bill Clinton develop his website and personally campaigned for former US President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Britbert reports on Schmidt’s long association with the defense industry, including the Obama administration’s Defense Innovation Board.

Schmidt is on the boards of several technology companies, including an artificial intelligence (AI) or 5G focus. The former Google CEO chaired the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, founded in 2018, Politico reports. He advocated for more federal involvement with AI and 5G. According to Britbert, Schmidt has poured millions into defense defense startup insurgency, which is linked to the Biden administration through Biden’s transition team. Schmidt is a strategic advisor to the blockchain project Chainlink Labs. Politico writes that Schmidt helped launch and continue on the board of Civic Analytics, which supports the Democrat campaign, including Biden’s 2020 campaign.

Politico writes that “OSTP ethics officials were alarmed” by the involvement of Smid Future in the “recruitment and use” of both colleagues and mentors.

Among other Biden executives, Schmidt has ties to Eric Lander, former Biden OSTP chief and founding director of the Broad Institute. According to CNN, Lander Biden has resigned as science adviser following a scandal at work.

Conservatives are being attacked. Contact your representatives and demand that they take Big Tech into account for providing transparency, clarity on hate speech and equal action for conservatives. If you are censored, contact us using CensorTrack Contact formAnd help us hold Big Tech accountable.

Descentis Rips Beaden to be considered for use in defense manufacturing law for electrical

Descentis Rips Beaden to be considered for use in defense manufacturing law for electrical

Florida Gov. Ron Descentis blasted President Joe Biden and his administration on Sunday after reports that the White House was preparing an executive order to use the Defense Production Act to “increase the productivity of electric vehicle manufacturers in particular.”

In a tweeted statement, the GOP governor noted that Biden “begged the dictators for oil” before addressing the possible use of the law in the interests of building more electric vehicles.

“After begging for oil from dictators, Biden is now using emergency combat capabilities to create 1% batteries for electric vehicles. Most Americans who suffer from high gas prices do not have the luxury of spending $ 50k + on electric cars. Unleash American power today! DeSantis wrote.

After begging for oil from dictators, Biden is now using emergency combat capabilities to make batteries for 1% of electric vehicles.

Most Americans who suffer from high gas prices do not have the luxury of spending $ 50k + on electric cars.

American power released today!

– Ron Descentis (ovGovRonDeSantis) March 27, 2022

“The DPA authorizes the President to compel the private sector to work with the government to provide the necessary components for national defense,” said Jun Ree, director of Yale University’s Master of Management Studies in Systemic Risk and senior editor at Yale Program on Financial Stability (YPFS) and ID. , A former YPFS research associate, talks about the Defense Production Act.

The Military Times added: “The Defense Production Act of 1950 was passed by President Harry S. Truman signed at the time amid concerns about supplies and equipment. [the Korean War]”

Regarding Descent’s “begging for oil,” CNN reported earlier this month that officials from the Biden administration had traveled to Venezuela “to discuss allowing the country to sell its oil in the international market, to help replace Russian energy,” he added. An impending nuclear deal could bring a significant amount of Iranian oil back to market. “

On Thursday, The Intercept noted: “The Biden administration is drafting an executive order calling for the Defense Production Act to address the shortage of key minerals needed for technology to save clean energy. This law … will strengthen the productivity of electric vehicle manufacturers in particular. “

Reported by Daily Wire:

The report follows a number of hard-left Democrat senators, including Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Martin Heinrich of New Mexico, Corey Booker of New Jersey, and Jeff Markle of Oregon, who wrote a letter to Biden on Wednesday requesting him. Use the Defense Production Act to “support and increase production capacity and supply chain protection for technologies that reduce fossil fuel demand and fuel consumption, such as electric heat pumps, efficient electrical equipment, renewable energy generation and storage, and other clean technologies.”

Using the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an excuse for their request, the senators wrote, “We urge you to examine all possible routes to support and deploy clean energy and energy-efficient electrical technology as part of our near-term domestic and international response.” Russia’s war against Ukraine is an economic catastrophe. “

“The draft order also plays a role in domestic priorities. Last week, Granhome and Sen. Joe Manchin also announced a lithium battery supply chain program in West Virginia that would support mineral production and processing, ”The Intercept added, adding that Manchin represents the state.

“While I am concerned about our dependence on China and other foreign countries for key parts of the lithium-ion battery supply chain, hiring our strong and capable workforce to manufacture batteries internally is an important step towards reducing our dependence on other countries and we must ensure . Our forces are capable of maintaining security, “Manchin said in a statement.

“I look forward to seeing this initiative grow, and we will continue to work together to ensure that we can keep the rest of the battery supply chain afloat.”

The post Descent Rips Biden first appeared Conservative Brief to consider the use of defense manufacturing laws for electric vehicles.