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Proof of US citizenship is required to vote in the Arizona Legislative Assembly – Indy

Proof of US citizenship is required to vote in the Arizona Legislative Assembly – Indy

The Arizona Legislature passed an electoral integrity measure Wednesday to ensure that only voters who can prove they are American citizens can register to vote in the state.

For House Bill 2492, Arizona voters must provide proof that they are citizens when they submit a voter registration form.

The Epoch Times adds:

The State Senate passed the bill on March 23, 16-12, with 12 Democrats voting against the bill and the other two-Democratic Sense. Leila Alston and Juan Mendez decide not to vote. The State House has already passed the bill, which has now gone to the desk of Republican Governor Doug Dusier to sign state law.

The bill requires that every voter be a citizen of the United States and be able to provide satisfactory evidence. The law states that the county recorder or other officer in charge of the election must reject any application for registration that does not come with satisfactory proof of citizenship.

The bill states that “the attorney general will try people who are not citizens of the United States,” referring to non-citizens who try to register to vote.

Democrats critical of the system have returned to a well-known speech condemning the bill, claiming it would stifle voting in a battlefield state.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, called on Ducie to veto the measure, claiming in a Twitter post that the bill “creates new, unnecessary barriers for people to register to vote.”

Today, the Arizona Legislature passed HB2492 after advising their own attorneys that the bill violates federal law. The bill creates new, unnecessary barriers for those who are registering to vote.

Governor Ducey should veto this bill.

– Secretary Katie Hobs (retarySecretaryHobs) March 23, 2022

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has called on Dusi to veto the bill, a Twitter account said. Post That it “creates new, unnecessary barriers for people registered to vote.”

During a testimony Wednesday, the state’s GOP Sen. Warren Peterson, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the bill would be a boon to electoral integrity.

“It simply came to our notice then that our citizens were voting … and if you are not a citizen of this country you will not be allowed to vote,” he said.

Joke Hoffman, the GoP Republican who initiated the House bill, told the Arizona Daily Independent in February that the bill was intended to ensure that only U.S. citizens could vote in U.S. elections.

“Non-citizens should never be allowed to vote in American elections, yet a staggering 12,000 people voted in the 2020 general election for federal office without any proof of U.S. citizenship,” he said.

“Republicans in the Capitol are fighting like hell to protect the integrity of the Arizona election with a bill like HB2492 so that voters can have confidence that every legal ballot is important,” he added.

Hoffman also noted that the number of people using federal forms without providing proof of citizenship in Arizona increased significantly between 2018 and 2020.

“So obviously this is a trend that’s growing,” Hoffman said. “This bill ensures that there is maximum flexibility in providing documentary evidence of citizenship, but we do not want foreign interference in our elections.”

This measure is likely to face a lawsuit, but it is not clear when this will happen or who is planning to file. Also, in his tweet, Hobbes said the measure violates federal law, but he did not elaborate on what law the Arizona measure goes against.

The bill was passed when Arizona Attorney General Mark Brunovich, a Republican, claimed that the Merikopa County Board of Supervisors would hand over mail-in ballot signature files after the release of a problematic report on the 2020 election.

A report by the Institute for Electoral System Integrity noted that the mail-in ballot signature verification process for Maricopa County was deeply flawed during the 2020 general election.

The study was led by system engineer Shiva Ayadurai and said about 200,000 ballot envelopes were forwarded for counting without further review, including discrepancies.

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Florida has become the largest state to make a financial literacy course compulsory

Florida has become the largest state to make a financial literacy course compulsory

Florida has become the largest state in the Union, requiring high school students to take and pass financial literacy courses before successfully graduating.

According to CNBC, GOP Gov. Ron Desantis signed into law SB 1054 on Tuesday after both Florida House and Senate passed a unanimous vote earlier this month.

“What the bill is doing with financial literacy is really providing a foundation for students that is going to be applicable in their lives no matter which path they take,” Desantis said during a press conference. “It will provide a foundation for students to learn to understand the basics of money management, debt comprehension, how to balance checkbooks, investments.”

The new law will take effect before the 2023-24 academic year and will apply to students entering the ninth grade. Before graduating they must take and pass a half-credit course on personal financing.

“Whether our students choose to attend one of our great colleges or universities, a trade or apprenticeship program, a career in the arts or the military, every student deserves to be equipped with education and knowledge to succeed financially in our society,” noted Demi Busatta. Cabrera, a Republican and one of the bill’s main sponsors.

With the passage of the bill, Florida is the most recent state to take the issue of personal financing seriously at an early age, joining the growing trend of states adopting similar legislation.

“The world of money is changing so fast that if we don’t help our students retain it, the next generation is going to repeat the cycle of financial literacy,” said Yanelli Espinal, director of educational outreach at Next General Personal Finance, a nonprofit, CNBC.

Financial News Network added:

Currently, there are 54 pending personal financial education bills in 26 states, according to Next General Personal Finance’s Bill Tracker. Now, students in 11 states, including Florida, have to take a separate personal finance course to graduate, considering the gold standard of such nonprofit education.

More than 20 other states incorporate some form of personal finance education into their curriculum in a variety of ways. And others have different offers, as well. For example, a bill proposed in Arizona states that a personal finance course could meet math course requirements under Next General Personal Finance.

Another bill proposed in Tennessee would make private financial courses compulsory for high school students. Tennessee is one of only seven states that already offers personal finance courses for high school students.

However, as Rick Moran mentions in PJ Media, finding teachers who are qualified to teach personal finance can be a problem.

According to the Finance Q&A, “teachers feel unfit to teach financial literacy,” said Julie Heath, director of the Center for Economics and professor of economics at the University of Cincinnati. “72 percent say they’re not ready to teach these ideas, and more than 90 percent think they need to be taught in school.”

Heath added, “No teacher in school or district should be in a position to teach a subject that he or she feels is unfit to teach.” “Budget constraints mean teachers often lack professional development which makes them more confident in teaching financial literacy.”

The outlet adds: “For example, how much is a teacher qualified to teach financial literacy with a credit card loan of $ 50,000?”

While some conservatives may think that educating children about money is a more appropriate job for parents, Moran noted that some students may have parents who themselves are illiterate or have no parents.

“The issue is very important that it is not all-inclusive and compulsory – just like the constitutional guidelines and other civic education,” he wrote, adding: “Desantis has once again proved himself to be an innovative and capable leader.”

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Indiana State Police say applications for new recruits have dropped – Indy News

Indiana State Police say applications for new recruits have dropped – Indy News

Towards the end of a challenging recruitment season for Indiana State Police law enforcement.

The deadline to apply for the new appointment is March 26, and the Public Information Officer is Sergeant. John Perrin told the Hammer and Nigel show on Wednesday that applications were declining this year.

“We don’t have numbers in groups the way they used to,” Perrin said. “But there are still a lot of good people out there who want to serve their community and the state of Indiana.”

Perin said the ISP is looking for quality candidates of good character, not perfect people with perfect backgrounds.

“We’re looking for good people who want to work,” he said.

Perin is currently addressing the challenges of recruiting police departments across the county. He said it is not just limited to law enforcement.

“I think across the board – not just the police – many companies and industries are fighting to find applicants and people who want to work,” Perrin said.

Perrin said Indiana State Police is a great agency to start a career with if you have the desire to go into law enforcement.

If you are interested in applying to become an ISP officer, click here. Applicants can contact an employer here [email protected].


Must be a US citizen.
Must be at least 21 and under 40 years of age at the time of recruitment as a police officer.
20/50 sharpness in each eye and 20/50 distant binocular sharpness in both eyes.
Must have a valid driver’s license to operate an automobile.
If appointed, must be willing to live and serve anywhere within the state of Indiana nominated by the superintendent.
Must be a high school graduate certified by a Diploma or General Equality Diploma (GED).


Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefit Academic and Probationary Year.
Purchase options for military and law enforcement services.
The new tech-home patrol vehicle FTO has been issued after expiration (includes off-duty use).
Uniforms and more than $ 9,000 worth of new equipment are issued free of charge.
3 hours of on-duty physical training per week.
Annual 40 paid day leave and 150 hours new guardian leave.
Health / Vision / Dental and life insurance options for active and retirees.
Lifetime pension and late compensation match w / state.
Endless opportunities and career advancement.

Click on the link below to hear more from the Public Information Officer Sergeant. John Perrin’s interview with Hammer and Nigel.

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Reset for great reset? Bad news for fellow Blackbrook CEOs –

Reset for great reset? Bad news for fellow Blackbrook CEOs –

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink shared some bad news for fellow globalists: Ukraine’s war will end globalization because governments have severed ties with Russia.

“Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has ended the globalization we have experienced over the past three decades,” Fink wrote in a letter to shareholders on Thursday. Epoch Times. He noted that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had led countries to sever financial and trade ties with Russia.

“By uniting in their firm commitment to support the people of Ukraine, they have launched an ‘economic war’ against Russia,” Fink continued.

Fink noted that capital markets, financial institutions and companies have gone beyond the sanctions imposed by the government, and business and investment relations are about to end.

He predicted that the situation would encourage governments and agencies to even re-evaluate their production and assembly footprints and reconsider their dependence on other nations.

“This could lead companies to move their operations to the coast or nearby, resulting in faster return from some countries,” he wrote.

“This decoupling will inevitably create challenges for companies with high costs and margin pressures,” he continued. “While the balance sheets of companies and consumers are strong today, giving them another cushion to deal with these difficulties, a large-scale restructuring of the supply chain will inevitably lead to inflation.”

“Central banks must choose whether to live with high inflation or to slow down economic activity and create jobs to reduce inflation rapidly,” he urged.

Justice Breyer – Indie News

Justice Breyer – Indie News

TMZ posted a video of a brief interview with retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Brayer on Thursday, in which Brayer said that fellow Justice Clarence Thomas was “well.” Brayer did not say whether Thomas was released from DC Hospital where he was admitted last Friday for infection. The Supreme Court issued a statement on Sunday stating that Thomas was expected to be released in a day or two, but gave no further details. Thomas does not have covid.

Brayer was interviewed while eating at Cafe Milano in Georgetown. When asked about Thomas, Breyer said, “I think he’s fine.” Bayer’s statement about Thomas is consistent with what a source familiar with Thomas’ condition told the TGP this week.

Breyer declined to comment on the controversial Senate confirmation hearing for his successor, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, saying “their politics is not my business. It’s my business.”

Excerpts and videos via TMZ:

Justice Thomas was hospitalized last Friday after experiencing flu-like symptoms. It turned out to be an infection, which is being treated with IV antibiotics.

The SCOTUS Public Information Office said a few days ago that Thomas was expected to be released on Tuesday, but PIO Mom was on Wednesday, did not say whether Thomas had returned home or was still in hospital.

Justice Brayer simply said Thomas was fine.

Statement of the original Supreme Court:

March 20, 2022

Justice Clarence Thomas was admitted to Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., on Friday evening with flu-like symptoms. He has been tested, caught an infection and is being treated with intravenous antibiotics. Her symptoms are decreasing, she is resting comfortably and she hopes to be released from the hospital in a day or two. Justice Thomas will participate in the consideration and discussion of any case that is not present on the basis of summary, transcript and audio of the oral argument.

UPDATE: A friend of The Hill Thomas reported to Armstrong Williams, echoing Brayers’ comments:

Armstrong Williams, a close friend of Thomas’s, told The Hill on Thursday that Thomas was “resting and will be fine” but declined to give further details about the health of the trial. When asked if Thomas was still in the hospital, Williams declined to comment.

“It doesn’t matter. He’s resting and doing well,” he added, adding: “I don’t think people care about where he’s resting – he’s resting and he’s doing well. The media thinks about where he is resting. People don’t do that. “

Post Clarence Thomas “Good”: Justice Bray first appeared in The Gateway Pundit.

President Trump has sued Hillary Clinton and others in the RICO suit against Russia

President Trump has sued Hillary Clinton and others in the RICO suit against Russia

President Trump on Thursday filed a federal RICO lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others in Miami, Florida, for undermining Trump’s candidacy through the 2016 Clinton campaign and for defrauding Russia’s conspiracy to derail his presidency.

Trump is asking for three times the cost and more than িয়ন 24 million in damages.

108 page filing citation:

Plaintiff, Donald J. Trump, through his underlined counsel, thus serves her
Case against the defendants, Hillary R. Clinton, HFACC, Inc., Democratic National Committee,
DNC Service Corporation, Perkins Coie, LLC, Michael Sussmann, Marc Elias, Debbie
Wasserman Schultz, Charles Holiday Dolan, Jr., Jack Sullivan, John Podesta, Robert E. Mook,

Philip Raines, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritz, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, Orbis Business
Intelligence, Ltd, Christopher Steele, Igor Danchenko, Neustar, Inc., Rodney Joffe, James Comey,
Peter Strojok, Lisa Page, Kevin Kleinsmith, Andrew McCabe, John Dusse 1 to 10 (names mentioned
Fictional and unknown person, and ABC Corporation 1 to 10 (named)
Fictional and unknown entity) and the following allegations:

1. In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton and her allies
Arranging an unimaginable conspiracy – which pushes the conscience and is insulting to this nation
At the Democracy Concert, the defendants maliciously conspired to fabricate a false narrative.
That’s their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, a hostile foreign ally, was colluding with sovereignty.
Steps taken to advance their plan – false evidence, deception of law enforcement,
And exploiting access to highly sensitive data sources – this is highly offensive, destructive and
Even the events at Watergate are relatively pale.

2. ‘Opposition research’, ‘data analytics’ and other political
Tactically, the defendants sought to undermine public confidence. They worked together
With a single, self-serving purpose: Donald J. Defame Trump. Indeed, their far-reaching
The conspiracy was designed to cripple Trump’s bid for the presidency by creating such a scandal.
Will be used to trigger an unfounded federal investigation and ignite a media frenzy.

3. The scheme was conceived, coordinated and carried out by high-level officials
The Clinton campaign and the DNC – including the ‘candidate’ himself – who tried to protect her
Involved behind the third party wall.
Their shared counsel, Parkinson Coe, a law firm with deep Democrat ties, hopes to obscure their activities under the guise of attorney-client privileges. Perkins was Coie
Has been tasked with finding evidence of a nefarious link in or leading a plot to fabricate
Donald J. Trump and Russia. To do this, Perkins Coie launched parallel operations: on one front,
Mark Elias, a partner in Parkinson’s Coyote, claims to have led the effort to create false ‘anti-research’
Exposing the illicit relationship between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives; On a separate front,
Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussmann led a campaign to develop misleading evidence
Trump Tower’s e-mail server and a Russian-owned fake ‘back channel’ connection
4. Mark Elias, the anti-Trump ‘anti-research,’ in his mission.
Fusion GPS, an investigative agency and its co-founders Peter Fritz and Glenn commissioned
Simpson, and evidence of collusion between them – actual or otherwise – instructed dredging
Trump and Russia. Fritsch and Simpson, instead, Orbis Ltd. And lists its support
The owner, Christopher Steele, created multiple reports to contain the evidence
Assumed reunion. Of course, there is now a completely debunked collection of reports, known as “still”
Dossier, ”he said. Inside
True, the Steel Dossier was originally based on information provided to Steel by its predecessors
The sub-source, Igor Danchenko, was later accused of falsifying his claim. More damagingly, Danchenko had a close relationship with Charles Halliday Dolan, a senior Clinton campaign official.
This has been reported in the Steel Dossier and has been reported with interest to both the media and the FBI. This
Donald J. There was a dual system of self-serving purposes to discredit Trump
And his campaign.

5. At the same time, Michael Sussmann, his victim for Intel losses against
Trump Campaign, Newstar, Inc., has become an information technology company and one of its leading organizations.
Executive, Rodney Joff, a fierce anti-Trump, who was recently promised a higher position.
Position with the Clinton administration, to exploit their access to non-public data in a search
Secret “back channel” connection between Trump Tower and Alpha Bank. When it was discovered
That no such channel existed, the accused took really destructive measures – hacking
Trump Tower’s servers, Trump’s private apartments and, most worryingly, the White House. This
The mis-acquired data was then manipulated and submitted to the law to create a misleading “assumption”
Donald J. Attempts to falsely implicate Trump and his campaign.
The Clinton campaign and the DNC were coordinated, at the behest of certain individuals
Democratic “VIPs.” 3

6. While their multi-pronged attack was going on, the accused were arrested
The opportunity to publicly insult Donald J. Trump provokes a full-blown media frenzy. In fact,
The Clinton campaign and the DNC-recognized “mission” to “raise fears” about them.
Fictional Trump-Russia Link4: The media has been repeatedly misinformed and shamelessly
Propagated their false narrative. All the time, Hillary Clinton, Jake Sullivan, Debbie Wasserman
Schultz and others did their best to spread the spread of these dubious and false claims
Press releases, social media, and other public statements.

7. The consequences of the defendants’ actions were not limited to public contempt
Trump and his campaign. Relying on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Evidence of forgery of the accused করেছে has started a large scale investigation and has cost valuable money
The Trump campaign is investigating allegations of time, resources and taxpayer dollars
Conspired with the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. The
The effects of this unfounded investigation were prolonged and amplified by a small presence
A team of Clinton loyalists who were in a good position between the judiciary and the FBI
– James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strojk, Lisa Page, Kevin Kleinsmith and Bruce Ohr.
These government officials were willing to abuse the trust of their people
Unfounded investigations at a new level, including obtaining and provoking an extrajudicial FISA warrant
A supervisory investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller began. As
As a result, Donald J. Trump and his campaign were forced to spend millions of dollars legally
Fees to protect against these fictitious and unwanted practices. The trial will end
Priority – After two years of investigation, Special Counsel Mueller acquitted Donald
J. No evidence of Russian collusion with Trump and his campaign has been found.

8. The full level of injustice of the accused has been steady and gradual
Unveiled by Special Counsel John Durham, who is leading a DOJ investigation
The source of the Trump-Russia conspiracy. To date, he has already filed charges against Susman
And Danchenko, among others, for making false statements to law enforcement officials. As
As described below, these ‘talking’ allegations do not only involve many named defendants
Here, however, the defendants provide a great insight into the internal-work
Conspiratorial initiative. Based on recent developments and the overall direction of Durham
Investigations, it all but sure that additional charges seem imminent.

9. In short, the blind defendants in political ambitions organized a vicious
Donald J. Conspiracy to spread false and harmful information about Trump and him
Hoping to campaign, his life, his political career and 2016 fraud
Presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. When their gambit fails and Donald J. Trump
Once elected, the defendants’ efforts continue unabated, only their focus is shifted
His presidency weakens the administration. Worse, the defendants continue to spread them
Terrible lies to this day because they unhesitatingly reveal their thorough lies.
Trying to make sure he never gets elected again. Deception, slander and betrayal
The perpetrators have caused significant harm to the American people and to it
Plaintiff, Donald J. Trump, and they must be held accountable for their heinous deeds.


I count
(18 USC § 1962 (C))
(Against Clinton, Clinton Campaign, DNC, Perkins Quay, Elias and Susman)


312. The plaintiff has been injured as direct and close in his business and property
18 USC ফলাফল Consequences of Defendant’s Violation of 1962 (c).

313. As a direct and approximate result of the actions of the defendants, the plaintiff has suffered a loss,
And with but not limited to significant damages including actual compensation
Special, incidental, and consequential damages in addition to the cost of defense and attorneys’ fees.

314. Among other things, the plaintiff was forced to bear a certain amount of costs
Determined at trial, but twenty-four million dollars (24,000,000) and
Continuous collection in the form of defense costs, legal fees and related expenses
Connect with his efforts to defend against the actions of the defendants and various federalists
In addition to existing damages arising out of the investigation and / or official proceedings
And future business opportunities for yourself, the Trump Campaign and the Trump Organization LLC.

315. Survived all of these injuries, and the consequences of the behavior occurring
In the United States.

316. The plaintiff is entitled to recover in accordance with Title 18 United States Code
§ 1964 (c), three times the amount determined by the offer of proof at trial. The
The plaintiff is entitled to attorneys’ fees and costs in this case, as well as to recover damages
Responsible for lost profits and / or activities arising from lost business opportunities
By defendants committed to the progress of the enterprise.

So, the plaintiff, Donald J. Trump respectfully requested to enter this court
Donald J. A ruling in favor of Trump and against the defendants, Hillary Clinton, HFACC, Inc.,
For the Democratic National Committee, Perkins Covey, LLP, Michael Susman, and Mark Elias.
Including compensation and triple damages, costs, attorney fees, and more.
And other reliefs this honorable court may deem fair and appropriate.


The entire case can be read at this link.

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MSNBC compares physically fit men to Nazis – Indy News

MSNBC compares physically fit men to Nazis – Indy News

A recent column published by MSNBC accused physically healthy men of being fascists. The article specifically focuses on those involved in weightlifting and mixed martial arts training and accuses them of practicing “fascist fitness”.

The “fascist fitness” column on MSNBC was written by Cynthia Miller-Idris, a far-left educator and professor of extremism at American University. Miller-Idris used the column to compare physical fitness and mixed martial arts with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and expressed concern that those who were physically strong and possessed a masculine self-image would reject leftist education. He even claimed that they could eventually be held responsible for the street violence and that the government and other agencies should plan to crack down.

Miller-Idris Cowid expressed great concern about the popular at-home fitness routine during the lockdown, claiming that “far-right people have taken advantage of the trend of home-based fitness and warfare to spread the radicalization of his mixed physical martial arts (MMA) over the decades.” . “

Dissatisfied with the way people communicated during the coveted lockdown, Miller-Idris claimed that “fascist fitness” groups had taken advantage of the downtime in the telegram, enticing young people with promises to inflate biceps before finally inviting them to “closed chat groups”. “

More troubling to Miller-Idris than the youth spending time in the gym or with a set of dumbbells, is the idea of ​​mixed martial arts training, which he says reminds him of studying at Adolf Hitler’s Main Camp. Miller-Idris says MMA enthusiasts are training for the “upcoming race war” and warns that if young people join the MMA gym, they will be able to share their political thoughts with other physically strong young people Can cause. The right wing claims to be a fundamentalist.

Worse, Miller-Idris said the MMA practice is akin to hand-to-hand combat, and when combined with other forms of physical fitness and thinking that he does not approve of, it can “create a dangerous and powerful cocktail of” fundamentalism. “

Masculinity, especially the masculinity of white men, has been under constant attack in recent years, and the left has become obsessed with sports such as MMA and weightlifting, which fall outside the dominance of their traditional media and entertainment. Unlike the NFL, where far-left corporate sponsors have pushed the league to the left of women, leagues such as Mixed Martial Arts ‘UFC’ and Bodybuilding’s IFBB are Pro-Man, Pro-Fitness and Pro-America, and several big names. There are. The sport has taken a public stand against the left.

3 Complex Things That Ketanji Brown Jackson Can’t Define – Indie News

3 Complex Things That Ketanji Brown Jackson Can’t Define – Indie News

“What is a woman?”

“When does life begin?”

“Can the fetus feel pain?”

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is unable to provide a comprehensive answer to these three questions.

That’s a problem, according to WIBC host Rob Kendall. Above all, how can a judge interpret and apply the law if he is unable to provide a basic definition or response to those important questions beyond “I do not know”. He can’t. And you are not going to get a fair and just decision because you are dealing with someone who is an idealist.

What is a woman?

Sen. Blackburn: “Can you give a definition of the word ‘woman’?”

Jackson: “No, I can’t.”

Blackburn: “You can’t?”

Jackson: “I’m not a biologist.”

– RNC Research (NRNCResearch) March 23, 2022

When does life begin?

Ketanji Brown Jackson says he doesn’t know if babies can survive 23 weeks outside the womb, he refuses to “guess” what the efficacy is, and he doesn’t know if a newborn can live independently.

“I’m not a biologist”

– RNC Research (NRNCResearch) March 23, 2022

Can an unborn baby experience pain at 20 weeks?

Graham: “Can an unborn baby experience pain during the birth process at 20 weeks?”

Jackson: “Senator, I don’t know.”

– RNC Research (NRNCResearch) March 23, 2022

Kendall: “You know I don’t expect answers to these basic things? The guy works at a local convenience store. He doesn’t have to rule on these issues, but Ketanji Brown Jackson does. His job is to know the definition.”

Click below to hear more.

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“The Legacy of Tipping Slavery” – Indie News

“The Legacy of Tipping Slavery” – Indie News

Nicole Hanna-Jones, creator of the 1619 project, says that server tipping in restaurants is rooted in slavery.

Controversial journalist and CRT spokesperson expressed his views on the tipping in response to a tweet from the former MSNBC host Tour Neblett, who also criticized the practice.

“The tip is a legacy of slavery and if it is not optional, it should not be a tip but should be included in the bill. Have you ever wondered why we tip, as tipping is a habit in the United States and almost nowhere? “

Touré Neblett replied that “America is a slavery, Part 1619,” a reference to the 1619 project, which argued that the founding of America was based on slavery.

Historian Phil Magnus took a screenshot of Hannah-Jones tweet and explained (with information) that the practice of tipping was not common in many parts of the world and did not originate with slavery.

What are you waiting for?

– Phil Magnes (PhilWMagness) March 22, 2022


– Phil Magnes (PhilWMagness) March 22, 2022

Also those of you who are sharing an obscene “fact check” article claiming that tipping comes from slavery, you are simply wrong.

Here is a European travel guide published in the 1730s.

– Phil Magnes (PhilWMagness) March 22, 2022

And yes, there is a scene in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night that depicts tipping.

Note: “Gratility” is an obsolete old English word for gratuity.

– Phil Magnes (PhilWMagness) March 22, 2022

Hannah-Jones deleted her tweet.

Rob Kendall offers his thoughts in the clip below.

Post 1619 Project Creator: “The Legacy of Tipping Slavery” first appeared on 93.1FM WIBC.

One Ton of Blood Money: Bezos’ Ex-Wife Plans Record 275 Million

One Ton of Blood Money: Bezos’ Ex-Wife Plans Record 275 Million

McKenzie Scott will go down in history as the woman who divorced Jeff Bezos when she took a hefty share of Amazon shares in the process, as well as the person behind the single largest grant for planned parents in the history of abortion mills.

Scott, valued at approximately $ 52 billion (he acquired 4% of Amazon stock in his high-profile divorce from the founder and owner of the Washington Post), has given more than a quarter of the dollars to parents planning a world-destroying grant.

Seriously? He gave so much money to fund the child murder? Sadly, yes.

Reuters reports that Scott has donated $ 275 million to the planned parents. The abortion giant confirmed the March 23 cash shortage. So if the average 1st trimester abortion costs about $ 750, Scott’s grant alone could cover about 400,000 abortions.

Wow, and this Reuters woman is “kind?” The lady is just a genocide bankroll as far as we’re concerned.

The outlet noted that this was part of Bezor’s ex-wife’s altruistic quest to get rid of most of his assets. Since 2019, Scott has already donated more than .4 12.4 billion in grants to various organizations, Bloomberg Business reports. Some of these organizations are good, such as the American Boys and Girls Club – others, such as various climate change activist groups and planned parents, are not.

If he really wanted to give back then maybe he could have chosen something other than the destruction of unborn children. Wasn’t helping more hungry children in Africa a more compelling option here?

Of course the planned parents were overwhelmed at the Titanic donation. They confirmed that it was the largest single person donation since its inception in 1916. Scott is the woman who has given the most benefits to child-killing

Even more ironic is that in Scott’s blog post about his donation, he waxed out about how the donation was part of his goal to “support the needs of the under-represented people of all groups.”

Oh, isn’t it rich? What about the unprepared unborn? He finished his part by asking other people to donate to the same group.

“If you are looking for ways to serve the common purpose of humanity, each of them is a great candidate. Helping one of us can help us all, “he wrote.

Um, the lady, is donating about $ 300 million to a place that kills innocent people and doesn’t “help” anyone. We would rather you take your billion and live like a decaying queen. At least the kids won’t die from it.