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Tuesday May 24, 2022

Maricopa County Arizona State Senate Agrees with Subpona and Attorney General

The Arizona Senate subcommittee has complied with the Maricopa County Arizona Attorney General’s request to comply. Gateway Pundit reports that Maricopa County Arizona has received a new subpoena to testify before the Senate and has answered questions about delays in meeting AG’s request. The county has agreed to send a representative to answer questions. Maricopa […]

Stephanie says GOP women will bring down Democrats – Indy News

(Washington DC) – Republican Alice Stefanik (R., NY) says Democrats of female Republican congressional candidates are “running for the mountains.” “I haven’t heard of Democrats running for office in these target districts,” Stephanik told a news conference Monday. “I think most of them are playing defense.” Stephanie has appeared with 10 “rising stars” she recently […]

Energy production is being brought back home – Indy News

IndyCars has been experimenting with fuel since 1965, so it is not surprising that that tradition will continue into 2022. While “green energy” is not something exciting for most conservatives to hear – perhaps the concept of advanced biofuels as a “power security, military flexibility, economic development” solution will be in the top 10 of […]

The U.S. Police Department sends equipment and supplies to Ukraine nationwide

(Indianapolis, In.) – Police departments are providing equipment and supplies that could be used on the battlefields in Ukraine to stem America’s growing criminal activity, in another instance when public officials give Americans time to consider them. Vice News reports that police agencies in the states of Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York and Colorado are providing […]

Union settles $ 40K in religious discrimination case – Indy News

(Indianapolis, In.) – One of the largest unions in North America agreed to a 40,000 settlement when a member complained that the union discriminated against him for his Catholic beliefs. The March legal settlement alleges that the union’s arrears collected by the North American Workers’ Union (LiUNA), which has about 500,000 members, violate the Catholic […]

Skip the net Biden claims Gaffs didn’t happen, ABC props up blast

At a news conference Monday after returning to Europe with multiple provocative remarks about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, President Biden Fox told White House correspondent Peter Dusky that he had not been negligent. And despite highlighting his biggest gag and running reports showing Biden attached to it, none of the broadcast evening newscasts dared to […]

The net finds ‘controversy’ over banning sex talk with kindergarteners

On Monday, Florida Gov. Ron Descentis signed into law the “Parental Right to Education” bill that prohibits kindergarten children from being taught about “sexual orientation and gender identity” through third grade. If you think that the final passage of the bill means that the media will stop worrying about it, think again. The three evening […]

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